Silver Bullion: When do YOU STOP buying more?

#silver #silverstacking #silverprice What price for silver would make you completely stop buying? Most stackers would think that too high of a price would prompt them to stop silver and gold purchases, but what about on the low end?

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  1. >Silver falls a dollar for 20th time this year
    > “Bro it’s manipulated pls bro just one more rate hike bro and silver will go to the moon bro, please bro it’s hacked, $5000 silver will happen.”

    All the big silver channels are on cope and going full seethe ahead lol

  2. I just dca my purchases regardless of price. The more $ i make the more i buy, the less $ i make the less i buy. My approach isn’t based in fiat profits. Its a hedge against future blockchain token slavery and basic social income. I only plan on selling in the future for crypto tokens that will let me enjoy some of the freedoms we have today. If you all don’t think thats going to happen, you need to wake up. There is NOBODY coming to save us. The WEF will succeed in their agenda. You will own nothing and be happy. So my coins are for the long term, 20 plus year strategy.

  3. Hey Chris, what a refreshing video. I couldn’t agree with you more. You know, I’ve heard a few stackers suggest that there are 300 million stackers worldwide. But I’ve heard many honest professional dealers world-wide suggest the stacking community is actually very small. Could an SHTF event happen? Given enough time, eventually something could take place, but I hope it’s not while I’m on planet earth, because for silver to become the new replacement for fiat that would suggest mankind is trapped in an incredibly horrific event that is beyond current comprehension. And in such a situation, with food and water scarce enough, people (especially non-stackers which are the bulk of the world’s population) will never trade with you for ANYTHING.

  4. Think about those doing small orders on line a month ago. They were paying $29+ per piece plus shipping and tax. That comes out to about $32-33 per ounce out the door—Today just 30 days later they would be fortunate to get $22-23 back, so your cautions are well taken.

  5. Precious metals is not a get rich scheme, never has been. Its to aquire generational wealth to pass down to your kids and family. Also to add a little shine to your portfolio and make you sleep a little better at night. You don’t buy it today and sell it next week, its a decades and decades investment.

  6. I’ve been stacking since 2011. In Canadian dollars, silver was around $27 an ounce when I started buying and it steadily went lower. I continued to buy all the way down to $18. You will have to do the conversion, but at that time it was around $12 USD. Today I’m buying silver at around $36 CAD. It’s a slow, steady climb, with a lot of pullbacks. The one thing it is, is a hedge against inflation, not a quick get rich scheme. My gold has gone from around $1250 CAD to around $2700 CAD an ounce. I would never recommend putting your cash into one thing, but a 20-30% weighting in precious metals and miners is a good move for the present time. The question should be, how much do you want to lose when the USD loses world reserve currency status, because it’s going to happen sooner or later.

    1. I think the data is clear it actually doesn’t perform well during period of high inflation. I think when you look at the data it pretty much keeps pace like other commodities and actually underperforms some. That being said you’re absolutely right there can be money to be made if you buy at the right time and are willing to hold

  7. I started stacking recently and only now have I begun facing the harsh reality of selling. I’m cultivating reationships with other collectors who are open to buying and selling. Im also going to coin shows. I’m now more interested in the numismatic which i believe has more growth and sales opportunity..

  8. What premiums you have to pay can be dictated by your location. In New Zealand, the premiums, for coins (which are actually cheaper than rounds) are usually over 30%. So, ridiculous, or not, it is what it is. You don’t realise how lucky, you are in North America, & the larger Countries. Also, no LCSs.
    I’m stacking for the long term, because these same sellers will only buy at under spot:, or just over it, if you’re lucky,

  9. Interesting question. I’ve been stacking for 8 years when silver was $18. But with inflation on this go around, there is a new suppression going on and I honestly believe there’s a push to simply discouraged us stackers. It’s simply a timing game for them, but we don’t have to play their game. Stack on.

  10. I do remember when I first started stocking hearing people say that Silver wouldn’t reach $20 again. But here I am still stacking. And stacking I will do as a hedge as well as any emergency situation that may arise I can liquidate quickly, and have money to take care of business.

  11. Being a new stacker I did my research and quickly realised premiums are a joke. I just look at the end price. I set limits for coins £25 and bars £22 per ounce. I never buy new silver as in the UK I won’t pay 20% VAT. I do buy Gold new because of its value

  12. I get being annoyed with the fomo hype monkeys- I have the same problem with XRP and crypto most times. But, I hate to be the moon boy guy but what if…? Based on the gold price I see silver being well above its current price at some point. I am sorry if I’m wrong but gold from what I understand does not serve half the utility silver does. And the “green” world we going into maybe just maybe is going to need silver bad… Silver price is dumb manipulated. why? The ratio for gold to silver is way off. Why? I heard recently the jpm is secretly, perhaps, stacking massive amounts of silver at the comex. Why? this is a refreshing vid love the take. I am a new stacker my focus has been on crypto, but diversifying out to PMs seemed liked the next best move. If silver was the only thing I was into I would dig this vid even more and be very concerned at night lol. Crypto has taught me to use the long game and look ahead so I have applied that to silver, so at the very least I’m looking at a very stable savings account with the option or potential of a profit. At the very least silver just like crypto has kept me from spending money on dumb shit and making someone else rich. I only stack nation coins with a heavy focus on maple leaves. The gold britannia is hard af tho and on my wish list! Not interested in collecting at all, I think those are the people that may be stuck fr. With all data and logic operating here silver has to be more than what is now. How much more and when will see that is I guess is the question you’re asking. IDK im willing to hold and find out won’t sell at 30 tho 100+ baby 😁🤑. Great Vid. Peace. I am hoping for a better brighter and free future for everyone from their investments. Fomo is one thing Hope is another. Keep fighting.

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