Silver Pullback This Week? – (WW3 Will Create Massive Inflation)

Precious steels are reasonably level as markets step water in expectancy of the Fed’s FOMC conference today, as well as if Powell supplies some hawkish jawboning, we might see a short-term decrease in the cost of silver and gold.

I will certainly watch any kind of decreases as getting possibilities nevertheless, as the basics for the steels stay solid. Specifically, the rising geopolitical stress around the globe endanger to begin an enormously devastating as well as inflationary WW3 problem, which’s what today’s video clip has to do with.

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26 thoughts on “Silver Pullback This Week? – (WW3 Will Create Massive Inflation)”

  1. the opening of your video shows the cool beauty of the different types, forms and sizes and shapes of silver… really is cool to stack…..I like it – you’ve rustic stuff, bars, semi-numi national mint coins, unique designs like scottsdale? I would say my stack roughly resembles the variety of what you have displayed….80% pure stackable stuff, 20% semi-numi

  2. I agree man….the time to plan for the chaos is now….not when it hits, but before it hits….anyone can take a step back and put on the 360 degree lens and clearly see the SHTF unravelling….for me, the Saudi-Biden fist pump and the Afghan disaster was it for US global hegemony…..the russian/ukraine/nato war and the EU energy collapse are also points of not return in themselves…..lets add the debt, inflation and interest rates to the recipe for chaos and collapse…..i heard someone say this is like 1929, WW2 and 2008 put together……its all coming down, now two ways about it……I’m from Australia but I know what happens to the US will filter down to every muppet western country quickly and swiftly ……the panic into silver and gold will be monumental….so much will change forever for most of the people forever.

  3. I’m constantly reminded of that Wall Street banker-puppet, Vladimir Lenin quote: “Germany will militarize herself out of existence, England will expand herself out of existence and the US will spend herself out of existence.”
    Ukraine is just another manufactured excuse and part of the long plan to break and enslave us.

  4. Like #357
    Nice, well-rounded and balanced analysis.
    Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ukraine… it never ends.
    The whores or wars always lusting for the bloody bodies of young men. But now the US, for the first time will send women off to die – mothers and sisters will fall beside fathers and brothers. What have we become?

  5. Agree POS and POG need a pull back on Technicals; to $21-22 and $1870 back to support/resistance levels. But also FOMC, all PMs could go sideways until after Mar mtg, then next leg up.
    As for the war talk, yeah, best not talk to much about that, keep it to what you do best.

  6. We’ve already pumped billions and billions to Ukraine while our countries suffer and people starve in the streets. What isnt being spoken is Ukraine manpower/soldiers. Ukraine has lost way more than we are being told. Russia has over 700 000 troops ready for an massive offensive which is coming very soon, Zelensky knows it. Now Russia is claiming they are not fighting Ukraine but NATO as well. There is most certainly US special forces in Ukraine helping with recon and training. The chances of Russia losing the war against Ukraine is slim unless NATO steps in with massive ground/air forces and everything that comes with it. And we all know what comes next if that situation plays out. I can see two outcomes, Russia wins or WW3.

    On a side note Israel is openly attacking Iran now with drone strikes. It looks like the US/Israel are going to open up another front (Iran) in the hope it weakens Russia. Chances of all out nuclear war is becoming more and more likely.

    “Once a war begins, it takes a life of its own and ends up controlling us”.

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