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The U.S. is taking “extraordinary measures” to stop default as now we have HIT THE DEBT CEILING! In this time of what Janet Yellen is looking appreciable uncertainty, stacking silver is a good way to hedge towards the U.S. Dollar. The Dollar has fallen to 92% of the Euro since September 2022, and inflation stays cussed at 6.5% on an annual foundation. Meanwhile silver and gold costs have risen 15% in simply the final 3 months. This is a market the place wall road makes the good migration to valuable metals. Although the authorized U.S. debt restrict of $31.4 trillion has been reached, I truly consider congress will discover a technique to save us so advantages like social safety and authorities healthcare aren’t impacted. However, the info I current are catalysts for a severe silver growth and bull market in 2023. You will not need to miss this one! Become a Silver Oceans channel member! It’s solely 99 cents!: #silver #debtceiling #silverstacking #gold #preciousmetals #default2023 This is a channel about stacking bodily silver bullion, valuable metals information, and macro views on upcoming occasions. Other subjects I contact on infrequently are gold stacking, numismatic alternatives, primarily from the US Mint, and unboxing valuable metals. During my free time I get pleasure from coin roll searching and steel detecting, and melting and pouring metals. My title is Ocean, and I began this channel underneath the channel title “Silver Oceans”. I could be reached by e mail at [email protected]. πŸ”₯🦈🌊

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29 thoughts on “Silver Stacking Amid Appreciable Uncertainty | Debt Ceiling Extraordinary Measures to Cease Default”

  1. I first came over after i heard about the contest on r/wallstreetsilver. I have been hyped on the content so i just became a member. Figured $1 a month was a very fair price

    Really interesting info on the golden triangle. I have heard a lot of crazy stories about missing people and strange activity from that area. probably bigfoot defending the gold.

    1. Lol I guess that is Bigfoot country! Thanks so much for your channel membership Jackson. Yeah I made it the lowest price YouTube let’s me at 99 cents because I want it to be accessible to everyone who’s interested.

  2. Great video oceans, I’ll be curious how they handle this potential default. My guess is that they’ll just bump it up a few trillions like they have been doing. Regardless, this will hopefully wake up more people and get even more people into precious metals stacking.

    I’ve probably been watching since 3 to 3.5k
    I can’t believe how close you are to 10k!!

    1. I can’t believe it either! 125 videos later, I’m just blown away by the support I’ve received from stackers everywhere. When I started I had no idea how all of this would go, I just knew I’d offer my insights and see if there is any response.

      I think they’ll raise the debt ceiling, and yes there are a bunch of new stackers. Just since releasing this video I’ve heard from a couple people who are getting into stacking and looking to make their first purchase!

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