Silver will certainly never ever do this once more!

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18 thoughts on “Silver will certainly never ever do this once more!”

  1. If central banks push silver and gold to zero – what then? We have been in a win/lose paradigm system since birth – if we are all equal then if the value goes to zero then what? Invest in food and water and shelter and think self-sufficiency – because if you can’t trade or eat silver it defeats the purpose of stacking.

    The monetary system is changing forever – Schectman knows it and he knows silver will become worthless that’s why he’s pushing sales but what is he doing with his sales revenue after parting with his silver? Buying food, water and preparing for chaos.

  2. What happing with silver is a pattern . We are told there is a shortage and prices will go up , you guys promote it and metal sales go up then the price goes up 10 cent a nickel . Then there is no storage , no inflation , or the recession has no effect. going to prison and nothing changes. They still allow it . The price drop by a dollar. Any body that brought 3 years ago are under water . There is always a problem . and when silver yo-yos up a dime down 8cents . The market is not bullish it is bullshit. 18-19dollar I have never experience . That is the spot not what I paid .This use bull is not effecting the price , Always excuses .

  3. Silver Slayer keep asking over and over “Why is silver so cheap with such high demand.” Your answer is within the question!! Silver is just like COPPER ..its all-INDUSTRIAL METALS !!!!!!!!!!!! keeping it CHEAP is the name of the obvious pricing game. Everything Silver slayer RE- READS from other publications only proves the price of silver will always be around $16 to $30…thats the sweet spot for the players to play in comfort. Keeping the SILVER/COPPER INDUSTRIAL METAL CHEAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end of story…same thing different day. Keeping the bigger than silver Wall Street investors happy..bigger boys with bigger toys always win. Its only in the worlds best interest to keep the price CHEAP .Solar panels cars etc. for bigger profits on all things SLAYER READS ABOUT. Its only in Andys best interest to keep the ” buying in” scenario alive. Everything Slayer re reads here only proves. GOLD is the real answer for storage of wealth. NOT COPPER/SILVER NOT BTC…To solve the entire problem . Reclassify COPPER from industrial into a Precious METAL. BOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM silver will then skyrocket. Keep talking Silver as an industrial metal, only keeps the price down as the silver ratio 80x GOLD $$$$$$$$$$ has always been the Standard. Putin China Iran all of them are hoarding gold.

    1. Silver coins or Sovereigns are minted by countries and come at a higher price than rounds. Both weigh the same but Sovereigns come with higher premiums. Stay away from E Bay or at least be very careful if buying from Ebay because there are counterfeits being sold. I like doing business with SD Bullion.

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