South Side firm increasing to provide even more psychological healthcare

A widely known social solution firm on the South Side of Chicago is employing much more staff members to fulfill the expanding psychological healthcare requirement in underserved neighborhoods.

8 thoughts on “South Side firm increasing to provide even more psychological healthcare”

  1. Trauma over homelessness (mandatory camping), and bullying (what children of all races do) ????

    All of the locations are in Black areas…..
    I guess no other races have problems with this stuff, eh ??? ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

    More excuses for Blacks not acting right.

    I bet that this wasn’t an issue back in the times when Black Tribes enslaved other Black Tribes…

  2. Mental Health consist of , Community centers that includes Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Music Arts , Volleyball, workshop and Photography. And Job training programs. All mental health program are doing is Giving people Medication they don’t need. A person that can’t Read Or write can only have mental health issues, these people are mostly people BORN with a condition. Now With all That great speech being said I just said, for each medication taken a person should get around, $1,200 each Set of Medication once a month and whatever they do with the medication when they go home is up to them, Then it might have a deal. If you want people to accept Bullshit , involved money and people will make it look good and you all can come on the news stations and sound smart. If this is that, Then you have to over power disability benefits and we will not stand in the way. Make the money workout. And if a person is on Disability by mental health program then they can’t work. If a person leg hurts or back and they are disable that way, Then they can work with a 20 Hour limit each week. Whatever you do it has to make money because people Know what’s right and wrong. This place is great for getting PEOPLE jobs, and we don’t want to tear it down, unless we have too. Mental health program y’all are apart of 1st and 2nd Government, that money should be there. It shouldn’t be any excuses. Since we know the “real” reason why y’all are using these pills. remember BUSINESS people

  3. And children are going to Jail because, The community center that offered all of this for free were shut down. And when you do that, it leaves a child to have nothing and from there they get involved in committing so-Called Crimes and go to jail. Once they shut the community centers down, Then came mental health program that destroyed people brains. And the mother who can’t raise there children put there kids on medication to control them and COLLECT THE MONEY.

  4. Those Social Workers there, They get you a Job etc. Which shows how high in government mental health program are, For y’all to just go over there and take over like that. Ada S. McKinney is known for putting money in People pockets, They the real deal.

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