Spider Farmer G8600 LED Grow Light & UVR40 UV & IR Bars Product Highlight & Unboxing!

Spider Farmer recently released a new series of LED grow lights called the G Series. In this video I highlight some of the features and unbox the G8600 LED grow light. What are your thoughts on this grow light? Let me know in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Spider Farmer G8600 LED Grow Light & UVR40 UV & IR Bars Product Highlight & Unboxing!”

  1. I NEED HELP! It’s my first time growing one of my seedlings has another stem popping up from the grown. A few inches away it’s like a green stem, looks like another seedling even tho implanted one seed. Is that normal? Should I cover it with dirt? 🙏lmk anyone

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