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21 thoughts on “PILE ON A BUDGET PLAN (silver & gold) POINTERS”

  1. With everything else staying the same, I don’t see myself purchasing any more silver at $30/oz, as it is I haven’t even shopped around since it got over $20, and I don’t even personally know anyone who cares whatsoever,
    To me I see all the hype taking off, and hear these price targets and all time highs speculation, I already know it’s going to fail. So I’ll wait till it makes new lows, meanwhile there’s better values to be had elsewhere.
    Besides if I look at it vs earnings over time, not necessarily $ but rather what it takes to earn an ounce, silver is pretty high, gold even more so,

  2. nice to not have to pay tax but if your budget is $200 and you’re worried about paying 7% on that to stay legal then you probably aren’t very good with money anyway.
    If you’re buying a 1oz gold coin… then yeah, do what you can (like plan a vacation to a tax free state) and buy it directly… otherwise I think folks are making too big of a deal on 6-8%. Better to pay the feds and enjoy your life than live in fear. Just my opinion of course. Great video!

  3. Liberal hive mind what really grinds our gear

    I thank Gos for you , I swear I found you by a miracle I’ve been looking for silver and gold you open my eyes . Please post more videos your way of educating is amazing. I love the 3ay the Uk coins look but never gotten one bc I didn’t believe they hold value. I am glad to have found you I love collecting silver but like the pretty looking ones.

  4. I just made a purchase for under $80 from Hero Bullion and wasn’t charged any taxes…. I am new to the “physical precious metals” scene and was kind of concerned. (United States, Kentucky). Makes me want to buy with cash, locally….. however there are no decent “coin shops” here. Am I being paranoid to hide my purchases from any “government agency”?

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