Stacking 1/4 oz gold coins

In this episode we are looking at 1/4 oz gold coins and the pros and cons of stacking them. S.D Bullion Money Metals Exchange Want to mail me something: Mississippi Metals 5219 Hwy 80 E Pearl MS 39208 email me at [email protected]

37 thoughts on “Stacking 1/4 oz gold coins”

  1. I’ve become a huge proponent of fractional gold as of late. I really like the idea of 1/4 and 1/2 oz coins. I also like Goldbacks. Yes, there’s the question of premium (which is always unavoidable to a point?), but I love the utility – which will become a bigger deal as more people find out about them.

  2. I like the 1/10 and 1/4 because I can’t afford the 1oz of every design I like but at 1/10 or 1/4 I can have a variety and they will still help retain wealth and keep me stacking slowly with wonderful examples of all different coins … always do you not what everyone says to do

  3. Full 1oz Gold coins are the best value for money but at over $1900 each maybe a problem for some,and if you have to sell $1900 at a time might be bigger than you need.

    1/4 Oz might be the sweet spot for some but the price per Oz is higher.

    1/10 Oz I cant recommend. The value for money is poor.

  4. Got to love 1/4 oz gold. My favored coins are the Britannia and the Maple leaf. Sure the premium is higher VS the full oz , there’s something about holding a full tube of 1/4 oz gold. A full tube of 1 ouncers’ would be amazing, not on my budget however. Important to have emergency cash and silver to protect the gold. Should be easier to sell the 1/4 oz if needed for an emergencies.

  5. I love 1/4 ounce – that’s what’s affordable for me on my budget so that’s what I buy. I am however always torn whether to pay the higher premium for an eagle over some other sovereign mint that’s 24k like maples, Britannias, Phil’s, etc. I usually alternate depending on whatever is on sale at my usual spots/vendors.

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