Study: 36-hour fasting might minimize weight, enhance heart health and wellness

A brand-new record recommends that periodic fasting might have some health and wellness advantages. The research, which permitted volunteers to consume whatever they desired for 12 hrs after not eating for 36 hrs, came along in weight and also cardio health and wellness. Internal medication professionalDr Neeta Ogden signs up with CBSN to talk about.

15 thoughts on “Study: 36-hour fasting might minimize weight, enhance heart health and wellness”

  1. Meanwhile people are healing from autoimmune diseases by eating a carnivore diet. I bet it makes a difference whether the meat is factory or regenerative farmed. Also animal fats are good for your brain.
    How about an old fashioned whole foods diet from local farmers not using poisons in there animals or on their crops. Oh yeah, remember 3 meals per day? That was intermittent fasting.

  2. Math Doesn’t Lie:
    48 hr Fasting / #TrueFacts
    52 weeks in a year
    2 days per week fasting
    104 days total no foods
    104 x 24 = 2496 hrs (1 year)
    100 calories per hour burned
    2496 hrs x 100 calories = 249600
    249600 / 3500 = 71 lbs lost a year
    3500 = 1 lb of fat
    So hence, without workouts and exercise
    Theoretically, 71 lbs lost in one year, thus
    minus eating 104 days or 35.09% less eating
    Amazing math to increase HEALTH..

  3. A very poor explanation of how fasting works. She starts off well and in the end concludes that it’s extreme and unnecessary if you otherwise eat healthily. What a disservice to the many benefits achieved through fasting. I am a huge fan of Dr. Mindy Pelz and anyone considering giving it a go should visit her channel and website.

  4. Grass fed grass finished meats are non inflammatory omega 3 meats. USDA Choice meat animals are fed corn, grains, oats and are inflammatory omega 6 meats. I don’t feel a statement that red meat is inflammatory is a fair statement. It does not address any difference in what the animals eat.

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