sudden deaths, life insurance not paying out beneficiaries, everyone is angry,

sudden deaths, life insurance not paying out beneficiaries, everyone is angry,

19 thoughts on “sudden deaths, life insurance not paying out beneficiaries, everyone is angry,”

  1. I’ve heard a few people say that the reason many people aren’t getting paid life insurance is because they are considering it suicide because people willingly took the shot knowing it was experimental…. I could be wrong but it’s what I’ve heard.

  2. I work in construction and we just had our big twin tower job shut down by OSHA supposedly for one day, it’s probably 300 workers there if not more! Next day they said an employee of the general contractor had a medical emergency and became deceased. They would not give out any other info and said if anyone wants to inquire further to talk to them. I’ve been in construction since 2009 and this was the first time I’ve heard of a non accident death on a jobsite and to keep it so mesterious too. I’m thinking he either cancelled himself on the job or took the prune juice and went bye bye

  3. Mike, you have asked some really good questions. My guess is the next “crisis” will be food shortages, which we see the beginning of right now. I agree with the grumpiness thing, I am pureblood but can feel the grumpy thing.. My guess is that this may have to do with this 5G stuff, levels being increased. I never thought I would see things get this bad, unbelievable.

  4. The world cash system is being destroyed before our eyes, cashless system is almost upon us. Pockets of civil war world wide will probably escalate because of social breakdown. Uk council offices were given more powers a couple of years ago and now have the means to intimidate people with gagging orders, in other words your local council are watching and listening and can and will impose the laws given to them. Face recognition cameras are getting installed in major roots between uk counties and wages are at an all time low compared to the ever increasing inflation. Our once British nation is now overrun by migrants living in paid for accommodation while our veterans sleep on the streets😢 strange uncertain days we live in.

  5. Next thing may have started good while back.I came across in various places online that clotshot content was being put in plants growing veggies,fruits,etc-in food-provided to grocery stores nationwide to ensure those who refused vax still got clotshots content.
    What I’ve done toward veins getting/staying clear for myself so far is I googled foods that dissolve clots.I take in these organic or home/locally grown organic daily :lemon,ginger,turmeric,garlic,cayenne,cinnamon,horsetail,horsechestnut,nettle tea,red ginseng,yellow clover,peppermint,oil of oregano and some others.Some of these are fresh in lemonade with pure organic local raw unfiltered honey or in food.Some are taken as oil caps.I order the oils and some of the other foods,herbs off of Amazon in bulk.I also listen to solfeggios that dissolve clots,sound energy alchemist,kalimantras,mantras and more on youtube frequently daily.I take in other herbs and foods daily too for specifics toward regenerating or sustaining my health…including returning to sender all the dark arts malevolent caca those inhumans throw our way.👍

  6. Sudden Revrrsal of all Evil to All Good
    Suddenly just like the Movie
    Im noot kidding I feel I am rxprriencong whay I saw in movirs.i have to be a Columbo and The Prisoner for sure
    Krzyzacy the Polish movie from the 60s
    About Templars.
    Thats whatThe Fifth Dimension is like , like that. We skipped the Fourth.
    That movie with Mel Gibson Kidnapped too.
    He certainly had an idea how to turn it on them
    All Good ideas come from God
    Alzhajmer is getting cut off from Him
    Also we are 2 beings the Body and the Soul
    Independent of each other id say….our Will supersedes both

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