Suicidal individuals can not obtain doctor-assisted fatality: wellness priest


On Feb 2, after the Leader of the Opposition Pierre Poilievre asked why the federal government is intending to prolong house maid to individuals with anxiety, Health Minister Carolyn Bennett stated that house maid assessors are “educated to get rid of individuals that are self-destructive.”

15 thoughts on “Suicidal individuals can not obtain doctor-assisted fatality: wellness priest”

  1. Trained to eleminate suicidal people!!!
    “Are you awaiting anything to befall us except one of the two best things (victory or martyrdom)? But we are awaiting God to afflict you with torment, either from Him or at our hands. So keep waiting, we too are waiting with you”.

  2. When are these politicians gonna learn that we the people are their boss not ours they work for us we pay them, I think for them to actually learn what we are feeling they should be on a working man/woman wage to survive paycheck to paycheck and just themselves without kids but they won’t they will sit in their ivory towers and basically tell us “shut up, life is fine”. Their idea for mental health is “here take these drugs and go home sleep it off, you’ll feel better in the morning, come back in a month” or my favorite “so each session is 350 dollars an hour and we are just going to talk and tell you what you already know” people are offing themselves because they can’t afford to do anything about it but this government has zero compassion the only compassion is like Scrooge “money, money, money”, this government and liberals has lost the trust of Canadians. Affordable dental care for patients under 12 child care HA not every Canadian has children ya know.

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