Teeth whitening at the dentist – an example consultation to start professional teeth whitening

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What sort of experience can you expect when going to the dentist to get your teeth professionally whitened? In a simulated demonstration, Dr Chhaya Chauhan and Electric Teeth co-founder Jon Love, demonstrate a typical patient and dentist experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE: VIDEO CONTENT IS INTENDED FOR A UK AUDIENCE. INFORMATION MAY STILL APPLY FOR RESIDENTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES BUT LOCAL & REGIONAL DIFFERENCES DO APPLY. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH A DENTAL PROFESSIONAL BEFORE WHITENING YOUR TEETH. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teeth whitening is a complicated and often misunderstood subject within dental health. With the help of our very own in-house cosmetic dentist, Dr Chhaya Chauhan, we have compiled the most comprehensive guide to teeth whitening you will find on the internet. We answer all your questions and let you know what is the best and safest way to whiten your teeth. Take a look at all the videos we have on teeth whitening:

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44 thoughts on “Teeth whitening at the dentist – an example consultation to start professional teeth whitening”

    1. Yes, you can. However, just be aware that to keep the teeth as white as possible to avoid or limit the amount of foods that stain.

      You can have lots if you like, but ultimately, you need to be aware that if you are going to do this, the white colour of the teeth will dull.

    1. Potentially nothing, depending on where you live and what product you are buying. The rules and regulations are different from 1 country to another. For example in the UK, the online/over the counter gels are much weaker than the gels offered by the dentist. The weaker the gel the less effective it potentially is.

    1. Your teeth/tooth does not have to be super white. How white it goes depends on how strong the whitening gel is and how long the tooth is exposed to that gel. Where most might whiten their teeth over a 2 week period at home with whitening trays, you might do it for just a few days.

    1. No, you cannot whiten them forever. Even professional whitening needs to be topped up every month or two. However, once you have had the initial whitening completed by a dentist, if you opt for whitening trays, you can then wear them for a few hours a month to keep your teeth white.

    1. No you don’t have to. The more often you whiten, the whiter the teeth can potentially go, but there is a natural limit for all teeth. If your teeth get to a level of white you are happy with, you stop wearing the trays because you have reached a point you are satisfied with.
      Where on average whitening trays might be worn for 14 days, you may get 7 days in and stop because you are happy.

    1. The teeth will naturally dull within the first 24-48 hours after professional whitening.

      Regular brushing isn’t going to dull the whitening treatment, it should help keep the teeth stain free.

      Food, drink & lifestyle will be the biggest impact on how quickly the teeth dull over the coming weeks and months. Genetics and your teeth play a part too.

  1. Will Electric Hygiene keep teeth whiter longer than Manual Hygiene.

    Oral Irrigator+Electric Toothbrush= Electric Hygiene
    Dental Floss+Manual Toothbrush=Manual Hygiene
    Below includes different set of Electric toothbrush and Oral irrigators together:
    1.Oral b(Electric toothbrush and Irrigator):
    2. Philips sonicare(Electric Toothbrush and Irrigator):
    3. Pursonic(Electric Toothbrush and Irrigator):
    4.Fairwill(Electric Toothbrush and Irrigator):
    5.Waterpik(Electric Toothbrush and Irrigator):

  2. Do results from in office whitening vs whitening strips the same? Or is it better to go in office whitening then use white strips for maintenance if I want the whitest shade I can get?

    I heard somewhere that whitening strips get the same level of whiteness with inoffice whitening but it takes longer.

    1. You will need to be 18 to have your teeth whitened in the UK.
      Prices do vary around the country, depending on the location, the individual dentist and the whitening product used. As a general rule £250-400 is what it will cost initially and that normally includes a consultation.
      Top-up for the gels will be £20-50. You might want to top up every 12 months or so.

    1. As a general rule, no it won’t make your teeth weaker. Of course many, rightly so would argue the best thing for your teeth is to not whiten them, just keep them clean using non abrasive products etc. Avoid lots of whitening and completing the process more frequently than needed. Completed safely, periodically everything should be fine. Of course regular checkups help detect any possible issues early.

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