Teeth Whitening Hack Saves Money…But Does It Work? 🤔 Orthodontist Reacts

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30 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening Hack Saves Money…But Does It Work? 🤔 Orthodontist Reacts”

    1. Opalescence Go, sensitivity toothpaste and my trick- brush your teeth (and rinse well) with oral b toothache gel before and after. Opalescence is pricey and you should get it from your dentist but it works really well and won’t cause that searing pain. Cheers!

  1. Ok so after writing you a book I don’t think I posted my comment so hear we go again . So I recently went to the dentist and I was told I have to get 6 root canals and 6 crowns also another procedure but that’s not till July 7th I belive and today is only May11th 2023 when I went to the dentist I had told them I had been in pain for about 5 days just about and I couldn’t take it anymore so that’s when they said I need that work done so I asked the dentist if he was gonna give me anything for the pain he said no for me to go buy Tylenol and Motrin and take that as much as I needed for the pain the problem with that is I already had been doing that along with Anbesol and a bunch of other home remedies that I read off of Google which was garlic cinnamon apple cider vinegar coconut oil not altogether but you know individually and nothing had seem to be working . I’m no Dr. Or dentist but I know something else is wrong because I been feverish from time to time also I been not been able to eat or sleep due to pain plus my gums and teeth feel like someone is constantly pulling on them so I just want to know if anyone can help me plz as to what else can I do plz I’m going on a whole week of this and nothing is working I can’t even concentrate at times because of how bad the pain is soy anyone or anyone can help me plz inbox me just reach out plz because I’m desperate at this point thank you and hope someone can help .😢❤

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