Term Insurance : Ultimate Guide | Best Life Insurance 2023 | LLA

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24 thoughts on “Term Insurance : Ultimate Guide | Best Life Insurance 2023 | LLA”

  1. thank you bhai….you are like god, and holy book Bhagwat geeta, ….always help people in their confused time in life,with 100% honesty, and this we expect for ever,,, ΰͺ–ુΰͺ¬ ΰͺ–ુΰͺ¬ ΰͺ†ΰͺ­ΰͺΎΰͺ° ΰͺ­ΰͺΎΰͺˆ…

  2. Aur jaisa ki aapne kaha hai ki FD mein 2Cr rakhne se har saal 14 Lacs milenge if we get 7% then uss paiso ko hamari family kaise har mahine nikale for their monthly use?? Kya FD mein ye option available hota hai??

    Ho sakta hai aapko Mera sawal stupid lag raha ho but main 22 saal ka hun aur mereko zyada knowledge nahi hai par main sikhna chahta hun. So sir please guide πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Answer this
    Yesterday after watching this video i checked policies and today policy bazar called me n asks what , why, job ? Etc.

    I said i searching it for my brother he is 25yr old n is a welding worker n he is a 10th fail (unhone puchhe sawal fir mene jawab diya) they said not eligible n suddenly cut the call
    What the f* is this ?

  4. Thank you so much Mandeep! This was a huge, horrific and dangerous concept for me as a 25 year old individual, didn’t understood it fully, only want to know more about it always. But kudos to your video, you explained all the nitty gritty details correctly, that will help me with the details correctly, and I also got the policy from policybazaar from the way you mentioned, and they helped me a lot. Thank you sir. GodSpeed! ❀

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