The Cost Of Karting (engine & framework)

In this video clip we consider just how much an engine and also a framework will certainly cost you for your age … You could require a deep budget. Thank you to AlphaLive for the remarkable karting video! Find the web links listed below as guaranteed per engine and also framework discussed in the video clip. Like & subscribe! Thanks for seeing!
Use the Google Currency Converter if your from outside the UK.

Engines competed:
Bambino C50 engine –
Bambino M1 engine –
Honda cadet -
IAME cadet –
Mini X30 –
MiniMax –
Junior TKM –
Junior X30 –
Junior Rotax –
Senior X30 –
Senior Rotax -
TKM Extreme -
KZ –

Top Chassis for each and every course:.
IAME/Honda cadet harmony:
IAME cadet TonyKart:
Honda cadet Project One:
Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Alonso, Exprit, Tony:
Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Mad Croc:
Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Xenon:
Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Kart Republic:
Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Comp kart:
Bambino Synergy:
Bambino Wright:
KZ2 Birel:
KZ2 Comp Kart:
KZ2 Kart Republic:

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25 thoughts on “The Cost Of Karting (engine & framework)”

  1. @startingkarting Im 20 yrs old and want to get into motorsport but have 0 experience what so ever. Im located in South Netherlands (go Super Max lol) and really want to give karting a go. Do i need my own kart, is it possible to rent, what are all the accessories i need to buy? Love the vids, cheers !

    1. Ok pal so having no experience is no problem. Everyone starts somewhere. You can do both in the Netherlands. It depends on your budget pal. The bad thing for you is that the Netherlands hasn’t got a huge choice of kart tracks, the good thing is that the Netherlands quite small. I kind of run over the accessories towards the end of this vid. Though it does need updating I’ve been thinkin about doin a part 2. Thanks for the comment

    2. @Maxx Boban Don’t drive rentals too much, as its a lot more expensive than driving own kart. I owned a 14hp adult beginner level kart that cost me €20/hour to drive, while rental karts that are 2-3 times slower cost €20/10min. If you buy even a used kart & decide to quit, it will still have reasonable resale value.

  2. This video is very misleading.
    If you want to drive as a hobbyist, you can get a used budget kart for €1-3k & its running costs can be manageable.
    If you want to race, then buying a €5-10k kart is only the start of your expenses, not where they end. 1 season of competitive racing will be measured in tens of thousands €.

    1. I’m sorry pal but I’m not misleading anyone here. The karts mentioned here in the video are all brand new. If you want a cheap second hand kart it will cost you much less. In the video I mention each kart class and show you each website I’m getting the information from so I’m not misleading anyone in the slightest brother

  3. I currently hold the lap record at my local track and I regularly get top times on tracks I’ve never driven before but without any competition experience I can’t get in a team and at 17 I unfortunately can’t exactly afford my own kart without somehow getting a sponsor.

  4. The proximity of a track near you will effect your overall cost in travel and a convenience factor , along with your cost of a kart and everything associated with it .
    The closest track for me is an hour away . The cost to rent a go kart there is much cheaper without all the headaches and expense .

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