The Fastest Kart I’ve Ever Driven

The Racing Prodigy tournament is now live:

PRL SK Racing X30 Miami Cup
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15 thoughts on “The Fastest Kart I’ve Ever Driven”

  1. You did quite well, driving those beast in wet weather is not easy, i drove a CRG iame 30 Shifter kart for a few years, its the most thrilling race experience you can get, the speed , acceleration and cornering speed is amazing, doing it in wet conditions are difficult, different lines ecc makes it a challenge, good job 🙂

  2. I’m absolutely impressed with supergt’s adaptability, from club100 karts to forza to granturismo to horizon to needforspeed to bilstein bmw, shifter kart, and more sports and racing cars, and sims…. the way he just goes in and does really well the first time, and keeps on improving quite quickly in all track conditions is amazing to me

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