The Health Expert: The One Food (WE ALL EAT) That’s Killing Us Slowly: Max Lugavere | E223

Max Lugavere is a foremost expert on the brain and how we can get the best out of it. A New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, his books ‘Genius Foods’, ‘Genius Life’ and ‘Genius Kitchen’ have ushered in a new way of seeing how what we eat effects how effective our brain is. 00:00 Intro 01:39 Why do you do what you do? 09:21 Sugar 15:06 Sugar free products 22:59 Keto diet 29:11 Veganism and vegetarianism 37:00 What food should be eat? 42:38 Why are we addicted to snacks? 48:18 Mental health 55:22 Stressers/stressors 01:08:19 Sleep 01:16:37 Coffee 01:21:08 Is travel good for our health? 01:34:24 Relationships 01:43:24 Last guest’s question Max: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Join this channel to get access to perks: Listen on: Apple podcast – Spotify – Follow: Instagram – Twitter – Linkedin – Telegram – Sponsors: Airbnb – Huel – Bluejeans – Wework – #DOAC #doac

21 thoughts on “The Health Expert: The One Food (WE ALL EAT) That’s Killing Us Slowly: Max Lugavere | E223”

    1. vegan risk to become insuline resistant
      most of them
      @Mrs Thatcher its got to be extremely balance
      some will get along, most will have deficiency
      high blood sugar and high blood pressure
      if we eat animals, they should be treated with sensitivity, like if it was us
      people should be able to know or find out if what they hear is true
      and not just check if the person talking got a degree or whatever
      we all have a brain, we all can learn by ourself
      knowlege can be share everywhere
      a lot of ignorance in all those critics

  1. I am listening to this in tears. At 61 I am still questioning should I have eaten that, did I train hard enough, how can I undo any damage I may have done today. I am sad for myself, I have spent 40+ years fighting myself. Trying all sorts of diets, getting to ‘target’ getting fat again. Even now when I am not overweight I still question everything I eat, forever switching how I eat, listening to weight loss meditation, listening to all the podcasts on the correct foods, still wanting to lose weight. It is an obsession . I definitely don’t want my daughter and my grandchildren feeling the way I do about myself and food. Thank you, I will try to be kinder to myself but fear I may be a lost cause.

  2. BINGO!!! SSRIs were there! I knew it! There is your answer to your mother’s early death! There is nothing more deadly on human health than increasing serotonin! I testified to that before the FDA in their 2004 hearings on increased suicide among youth being caused by antidepressants. I have specialized in these drugs for over 30 years & began working as a court expert in cases of mass killings, murder/suicides & suicides, etc. in 1992. After spending years reading the early research on serotonin to write my book on the SSRIs, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin Nightmare! I learned the very real dangers of increasing serotonin. The biggest cause of increased stress is taking serotonergic drugs! One single 30mg dose of Prozac DOUBLES the level of cortisol! One of the first responses I got on my book was from a British nurse who was upset that I was telling people how dangerous the Prozac she thought was saving her life actually was killing her. She saw all the symptoms of Cushings Syndrome caused by high cortisol levels.

    But Lilly did their own research on this & knew enough to do that research in Italy so they were not bound to disclose that information to doctors in the US (their biggest antidepressant market). I have been shocked to learn over the years to find how many endocrinologists have never heard of this fesearch!

  3. My rule of thumb is if it’s approved by the FDA don’t take it. Prior to 1975 the FDA was monitored by the American government and had the consumers interests at heart after thanking 75 because of funding they’ve started putting big Pharma and the food industry representative on the board. Why not just employ/assign terrorists to our self defense and Homeland Security Departments. Oh we already have the CIA 😮

  4. I have been using the ketogenic lifestyle on and off for over a year. I have healthily lost 30 lbs, gotten off my blood pressure meds and have so much more energy. My blood sugar is better than it’s ever been. It works for my body. I am almost 70 and feel like I’m so much younger. Since when is our right to follow whichever health lifestyle we believe is best for our bodies and finding information on YouTube—which is supposed to be an unbiased media platform—to help with that subject to someone else’s ideals about health. At my age, I will do whatever I think is best to give me the healthiest life and possibly prolong it and the keto lifestyle and fasting work best for me. Believe me I’ve tried a lot of different diets, including so-called “heart healthy” plans. I deserve to have access to whatever helps me maintain good health, naturally if I choose, and YouTube has been that outlet. Open your eyes YouTube, unless “industry” pressure is more important to you than keeping loyal customers.

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