The Human Microbiome: A New Frontier in Health


Microbiome expands the genetic and functional capacity of its human host. Susan Lynch explains that human microbiome develops early in life and that gut microbes shape immune function and relate to disease outcomes in childhood. She also explores next-generation microbiome therapeutics and research. Recorded on 11/07/2019. [12/2019] [Show ID: 35240] More from: Next: UCSF Scientists Outline What’s To Come ( UCTV is the broadcast and online media platform of the University of California, featuring programming from its ten campuses, three national labs and affiliated research institutions. UCTV explores a broad spectrum of subjects for a general audience, including science, health and medicine, public affairs, humanities, arts and music, business, education, and agriculture. Launched in January 2000, UCTV embraces the core missions of the University of California — teaching, research, and public service – by providing quality, in-depth television far beyond the campus borders to inquisitive viewers around the world. (

17 thoughts on “The Human Microbiome: A New Frontier in Health”

  1. 59:13 ….. wow …. Pathetic … messing with Mother Nature when it’s actually the mothers poor diet that will later kill her baby ! These women eat dead animals dairy sugar proceeded sugars coffees etc . That is what is changing their babies nutrigenomics genes !

  2. You do this to these babies .. and their parents still go to McDonald’s daily. Those babies with be obese slobs aswel . Considering we all share the microbiome with those in our living space … this research is literally baby talk . STOP EATING GARBAGE !

  3. Dr are not interested in helping the children
    Hospitals are over run
    Giving leaflets out for eg, meningitis etc
    To busy nil funding etc causes damages as child are not dealt will soon enough.
    All the studies findings are only used on those within corporations.. all studies findings are for elite usage.
    Lies concerning climate changes..
    With all the good will most children will be overlooked..purposely..
    Truth is is to create new humaniods types androids etc..
    Laser..techniques for home use are stopping cells dying the new medical is home use laser.. infrared creates protiens from heamaglobin. Aiding the enzymes.. in the gut

  4. Thank you for your research, Dr Susan Lynch on gut micro biome perturbation (23:00) — psoriasis, obesity, depression linking neurological and cardiovascular diseases. I’ve always suspected it was microbial. And your humour! That the gut isn’t like Vegas!!! 😂❤ thank you! I hope to interview you for my podcast, “Help! I’m prediabetic” .

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