The latest PREMIUM campervan with a BRILLIANT BATHROOM and 4 berths

Peter Vaughan tests the newest campervan from Malibu, a Carthago company. The Diversity 600 DB K – based on the six-metre Fiat Ducato – comes with a fixed double bed layout, a cleverly designed washroom with slide-away toilet and lots of premium touches. As a Charming GT Skyview model it also has an overcab sunroof, while the Family-for-4 package adds a pop-top roof to make camper into a genuine four berth. If you would like to see more videos like this you can help and support us by giving us a thumbs up, leaving a comment or subscribing to our channel. ◼️ REVIEWED BY: Peter Vaughan, Group Motorhome Road Test Editor for MMM magazine and What Motorhome magazine Editor.

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42 thoughts on “The latest PREMIUM campervan with a BRILLIANT BATHROOM and 4 berths”

  1. Bit more expensive than my Malibu. That waste water system is a pain as the down spout is underneath the van (not quite central) so unless you have access to a drive over drain you have to crawl underneath the van with a bucket or buy an additional hose system (attached by crawling underneath the van).
    Those tambour doors seem to be an improvement on the plastic flaps system we have in our bathroom.

  2. No review is complete without talking usuable payload. Manufacturers website indicates weight is c.3200kg even before the pop top is added. Assuming that is roughly 80 kg of extra weight, you would need to uprate this van just to make it useable, adding cost and licence complexity and for my money, taking it out of campervan category.
    You cannot review campervans without reviewing payload – these reviews are already very long, and overly detailed so why no mention of this critical metric???

    1. I think it must have been edited out by our videographer in error – I always include weights normally. In standard (quite basic) spec, the Diversity has 685kg payload on the 3,500kg van. That’s without the options, Charming GT Skyview or Family-for-4 roof. Exactly as tested it has a payload of 366kg. Not huge but I’ve seen 4-berth ‘vans that are a lot worse. A 4,000kg chassis is also offered, at extra cost of course.

  3. How long did it take to remember the names and prices of all the extra packs Or did you have to do a lot of retakes?

    I like to lounge on the bed to read or watch your videos away from the TV and my solution to the overhead cupboards would be to sit with my with my back to the washroom wall.

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