The Power of Buying 1 Gold Sovereign Per Month

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45 thoughts on “The Power of Buying 1 Gold Sovereign Per Month”

  1. Sovereigns are my favorite gold coins because of excellent stacking efficiency, liquidity with and the nice added value of holding a small piece of numismatic history from a century or decades ago, at no extra premium. Lately, Britannia quarter ounces are stealing my heart lately. This is because the latent image security feature of the Britannia makes is more secure against counterfeiting, and makes its authenticity unquestionable without needing tools or expensive verification machines, which I believe is very important in a SHTF scenarios, bartering, or routine sales among random people.
    Any fellow stacker wants to share thoughts on this?

    1. Yeah I think people are stacking for different reasons. On one hand the sovereign is more widely recognised around the world than a Britannia, and I think if you asked people on the street have they heard of a gold sovereign most people would (despite probably not knowing what it’s worth) The Britannia is known among modern collectors but have ‘only’ been around just over 30 years, pros and cons though like you say the Britannia is a great coin

  2. It would certainly be nice to see those near-mint and mint sovereigns protected inside 2×2 cardboard/plastic cases in the least. On PCGS, there is still a premium value for MS60+ sovereigns versus the circulated (lower-condition) coins. There are also KEY DATES and KEY MINTAGES on several sovereigns, and so it would be smart to at least provide the minimum protection of the surface of the coin from scratches and environmental damage, certainly having those coins on a table and spilling coffee onto them, or accidentally dropping them onto the ground. Good video.

  3. I find it amusing when the gold buyers constantly spamming us to sell all our scrap gold as the price is the highest it has ever been. What they don’t tell you, is that gold is about the same price as it was ten years ago. And in relation to the global economy, it’s about as cheap as it has ever been. Instead of a company work based pension, I’ve been purchasing gold Sovereigns and Britannia’s every month since the 90’s….. Cost of living crisis my ass…hehe!!!

  4. I was chatting to a stall holder at a weekly market in a small Northern town.
    He told me that a local builder had bought a gold Krugerrand ( yes a full one) every week he had been there for over ten years.
    I won’t speculate as to why the builder did this, but I saw no reason for the market trader not to be telling the truth.

    1. You can sell to the online and many offline dealers for about spot price. The other way is peer to peer to other stackers or collectors. There is an element of assumption that the price will rise over the long term if history is anything to go by. People do stack for a variety of reasons though I’ve come to learn

    2. @Sovereign Saurus I’m concerned with the premiums on the sovereigns though, it’s like 10% now, there’s really a chance you could make that back if you had to sell? Especially if the price of gold doesn’t go up I’d be very worried that I’d thrown money away on every coin. I almost purchased the 1oz 2024 Britannia coin today but bottled it 😂

  5. I’m definitely planning on buying more sovereigns for my collection from now on – my last job didn’t pay enough, but my current one gives me more than enough to make buying a few halves, or even one or two sovereigns a month feasible – they’re my favourite gold coin along with the double eagle, and being in the UK means I can stack them without CGT 🙂

  6. The gold rush in British colony of Victoria, Australia in the mid 1800’s, Allowed the British empire to pay off their debts and
    Set up the British empires gold reserves for decades. Gold is a store of wealth. It took 2 world wars with Germany for the
    British empire to become bankrupt. The end of empire.

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