‘The status isn’t functioning:’ Ontario launches brand-new health-care strategy

Ontario has actually launched a brand-new health-care strategy that authorities state is focused on reducing delay times as well as centering accessibility to care throughout the district.

Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones revealed information concerning the strategy, “Your Health: A Plan for Connected as well as Convenient Care,” throughout an interview on Thursday early morning in Toronto

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14 thoughts on “‘The status isn’t functioning:’ Ontario launches brand-new health-care strategy”

  1. Until you start mandating that we get paid a livable wage you won’t have people attracted to working in healthcare. All of the resources/funds get scrapped off the top by administrators and governing bodies. The people who sit on boards make millions while the people actually doing the work starve. Who wants to study for that? As a healthcare worker I could NEVER recommend that someone enter into this field unless they’re absolutely willing to suffer just to try and help others. Doing the right thing or trying to serve your community will unfortunately make your knuckles bleed in this country/province.

  2. The Status Quo of the two dummies Trudeau and Tory isn’t working either sunshine, things in Canada have never been this bad before .. Trudeau demonized Harper to win the Election and guess what ?? the joke was on us .. this stooge has been a train-wreck since day one

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