The Truth about Invisalign

Invisalign has become a hugely popular option for adults who want their teeth straightened without the hassle of having braces. These days there’s a lot of pressure to have a perfect set of teeth, but how much of this is a medical need vs a societal pressure? Follow Future Proof Health: Subscribe to Future Proof! Stay updated on our socials Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Reddit: For further reading, check out the sources for this video here: Script: Holly Maley Editor: Melody David Lead Editor: Kirsten Stanley Project Manager: Lurana McClure Rodríguez Host: Sher DiMarco Want to work with Future Proof? Reach out to [email protected] Suggestions? Hate mail? Get in touch with the project manager, Lu: [email protected]

20 thoughts on “The Truth about Invisalign”

  1. Also in the braces as a kid (/teen) camp, though I actually also had my palette expanded twice (one at 7 with a removable retainers, and the second as a teen with my braces and actually glued in), which I’m thinking was actually super helpful, especially for an overcrowded mouth. Thank god I never had to get teeth removed, and they just gave me more room for them all! (also had a slight underbite, so had to get the Herbst appliance too; it was a fun few metal mouth years 😅 But oh boy do I love my smile now!)

  2. One procedure you didn’t mention is a palate expander. This is another powerful tool for helping with crowding and also crossbite. I had a palate expander, partial braces, and invisalign due to severe crowding and crossbite. The crowding is definitely genetic, but the crossbite formed from my childhood habits.

  3. Used to go to a private dentist who always try to upsell services, including braces. Every visit, they tell me how it is necessary to make my teeth easier to clean for me at home despite saying how well I had clean them at the start of every visit. I was a teenager at the time, so very evil for them to say how much better I would feel about my smile after getting braces.
    Switched to a public dentist because of insurance issue, they only asked about how comfortable I am with my teeth the way it is and if I am having issues, talked about braces and its benefits once during my first visit and another time when a different dentist was checking up on me, that’s it. They deemed braces is ultimately optional since I am comfortable with how my teeth are and they aren’t causing me any issues.

  4. I got Invisalign in2020, and I had a very positive experience. Yes, every time I got a new tray, it did hurt for several days. But that’s how they work — the trays put pressure on the teeth to gradually move them into place. Cleaning and brushing the trays every few days to get the plaque off was essential. There’s nothing worse than a funky tray.

    I had a huge gap between my teeth, several crowded teeth that were getting pushed back, and some teeth that were straight but were so tight I couldn’t floss them. It took a year of Invisalign to fix it and I’ve never been happier with my smile. I still wear my retainers at night to keep the teeth from wandering around. In case you’re wondering, my treatment was just under 6K.

  5. Self improvement is always a good investment. I like your video, interesting insights, but here’s some perspective…
    – Why do people go to the gym if they’re within healthy weight boundaries?
    – Why do people buy nice clothes if they can get cheaper ones that do the job?
    – Why do people wear makeup, if it has no direct, primary benefit to the user?

    Simple… most men and women alive, have a desire to maximise their potential aesthetically. For reasons of self-improvement / health, vanity or attraction of others. It’s ultimately always for these reasons.

    If someone had say, 5,000 dollars to spend. Should they go for Invisalign, or a hair-transplant, or a new car? Well their teeth, hairline and existing car may all be bad, but which does one focus on? Do they care about their appearance or something they can “use”.

    So I get the whole body-positive notion, which is completely fair, but humans are competitive. And when it comes to appearance, this has direct impacts on our success; romantically, health-wise, and even economically to be honest.

  6. Braces genuinely ruined my lower teeth because they didn’t take off all of the glue off when removing them, and they were on in such a way that even with the loop I couldn’t floss. Would also constantly cut into my lip which I now have an indented scar from. They were necessary for the amount of movement I needed but fuck braces.

  7. I had invisalign in my early 20s because of my deep bite. I was recommended braces as a teenager but didn’t do it because of the cost and my own anxiety. I knew invisalign was more expensive but it was less scary than getting braces so I waited until I could afford them myself. I wish I’d gotten my overbite treated sooner because it caused issues with my TMJ. I also grind my teeth at night which causes other issues. My crowding wasn’t that bad, so I’d like to think that my case was necessary moreso than cosmetic.

  8. I got invisalign at 32 because I had super crowded teeth and a overjet (front row being too far ahead than below row) and I am so thankful for it! It not only makes me feel super confident in how I look and also sort of “erases” the taunts and programming from childhood that I had big teeth. I never liked my own photos no matter how happy I was. I just this girl with big teeth. I had braces twice and after both of it, my teeth relapsed real fast.

    Invisalign moves my teeth slowly but more permanently and I am very very religious in wearing them (at least the first 39 of them which were moving my teeth very aggressively).

    I always wanted to feel confident in my youthful looks but due to the teeth, i never felt like I could.

  9. TLDR: my teeth are awfully f-ed up and it has taken 8 years of necessary work and over probably 15k to fix
    heres the rest if you care:
    My so far 8 years of orthodontal work were necessary I had brackets on my top few molars to straighten them out and sperate them because they were both crooked and I think blocked another tooth from growing in around 2nd grade, 3rd-4th I got a jaw expander on the top to make space, in 5th i got brackets on my molars and the few adult teeth I had aka the front 4 top and bottom, that went on until 7th grade when I started losing more of my baby teeth and I got the first round off then I had about a year break with a retainer while the orthodontist repeatedly didnt refer us to the dentist to get the remaining 5 pulled, this led to 2 oral surgeries one to get 5 teeth out including 1 fused to the jaw and then to pull my front canine teeth that i went several months without down with weights, then full braces once I finally had all my fricking teeth. all of this probably costed over 15k with surgeries included. I dont think invisalign could have done anything for me

  10. Oof, as Invisalign user for last 5 month, I see so many things not being mentioned here… And yeah, I’m doing it for mostly cosmetic reasons & it makes me smile more already, BUT:
    – there’s no “maybe” for putting on the attachments – they are needed to create pull force in the right direction. So for the first couple months it hurts with both aligners being on and off as those attachments are pretty sharp at first. They can also be very prominent in shape, so if someone is standing close to you, they can notice your “bubble wrap teeth”
    – you might need to wear tension rubber bands as well. Which means literal metal hooks glued to your teeth & rubber band stretching between your jaws. I’m lucky to get only one, but I’ve seen examples where you can play a guitar on the side of your teeth.
    – you get scarring with aligners as well. At times, it’s new scars on weekly basis when you change to new set. I have it not only on cheeks, but also on the sides of tongue, which means even garlic feels spicy.
    – you need to do scans with your smartphone every week. And then the doctor on other end can say that you need to wear current set a bit longer which extends your predicted wearing time.
    – that 3D mapping they’re doing costs a fortune already. So when they say “here’s your predicted result, now you can decide whether you want aligners” & you’re ~25% cost in already – that’s not a totally unbiased decision
    – you can get a temporary lisp. Mine is still there 5 months in :((
    – getting them on & off when traveling or during events is a bummer. Food gets stuck on attachments and you do need to brush every time before putting aligners back on.
    – no popcorn, to toffee, no crunchy foods – they can crack your attachments off. And you can’t eat whole carrots or apples as your teeth get more sensitive. So food consumption convenience is a big lie
    – you also can drink only clear drinks with them. Coffee, tee, juice, smoothie – take them out (((( Straws might help sometimes though
    I went to several orthodontists before to make sure I’m making the right decision and turned out I even needed a small surgery before. So so far it seems uncomfortable, yet still worth it. But it’s SO MUCH far from all sunshine and rainbows their marketing is projecting

  11. I really just want my overbite gone from years of thumb sucking. Its purely cosmetic, because my overbite isn’t severe its just unaesthetically pleasing and I have microdontia which my teeth are small so having an overbite makes them appear even smaller than if they were straight so after I get them straight I will also get some crowns.

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