The Ultimate Invisalign Guide 🦷 Instructions, Tips and Tricks From An Orthodontist

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22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Invisalign Guide 🦷 Instructions, Tips and Tricks From An Orthodontist”

  1. I was born with peg laterals on both of my incisors. Completely closing the space with veneers would cause my incisors to be larger than my front teeth. Is it possible to Completely close my side gap? I currently have normal size veneers but I still have gaps

  2. Hello sir i am having a vital tooth with zirconia cap on it on 11,12,21,22 and all crown are single unit.
    I want to go for invasilinger can you pls tell can i go for it without removing my zirconia cap.
    Or can i go for metal braces without removing my cap.
    Pls do reply me sir

  3. Can i ask a question pls , I’ve been putting braces since i was 8 and now i’m 15 i think my ortho did a terrible job because i still have crossbite ( i hade class 3 not and cross bite ) and he didn’t start treatment for tge class three until 4 months ago and he just moved the teeths umm so can i still get a surgery or not ? I’m sorry if I’m being annoying but it has bothering me lately and have no one to ask 😊

  4. I just got aligners yesterday and i do rinse my mouth brush my teeth with a wet toothbrush then rinse it again but there is usually some small clumps of food left on my molars, should i just try and pull them off with my nail and then put the aligners on or not bother with pulling the small clumps off.

  5. I have been wearing my retainer for 2 months straight full time and everytime i take them off during the day within a hour my teeth get sore and a night when i put them on the retainer dont go in as easy(btw i was only supposed to wear them for 1 month full time and then at night. What do i do someone pls help

    1. i currently have invisalign and i usually carry a small bag everywhere with me containing my aligner case, toothpaste and a toothbrush! i go to the nearest bathroom to brush my teeth or sometimes there is a singular bathroom i can get into. take a friend if you’re feeling a little awkward in a public place 😊

  6. Awesome video I just had one quick question!
    I have 27 aligners that I was given in my first refinement. I’ve checked all the way to the 27th aligner and my teeth appear to be straight and inline (I am treating a slight cross bite and crowded tooth issue). I was told that my treatment may take about 12 months. Personally, I do not care if I have a perfect smile just so long as my teeth are healthy and won’t cause any issues in the future. So, if my teeth are straight and all health risks are out of the way, am I allowed to just request the nightly retainer and not go through the next refinement box? Or is it required that I do the next however many treatments?
    Thanks again for such a great video!

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