The World Cup at Heysham Head – The Ultimate Karting Event

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At among one of the most improper places possible Bert Hesketh produced one of the most effective kart race ever before to poise the UK. It would consistently draw in over 20,000 viewers! Everyone actually need to find out about it – the Heysham Head John Player World Cup! Enjoy! Karting 1 Patreon: Donate by means of Paypal:


17 thoughts on “The World Cup at Heysham Head – The Ultimate Karting Event”

  1. I remember that track. I live in heysham. as you say the track may have gone into the sea!! no not true. the land just above were you was walking got developed about 15-17 years ago. to private housing. the land was owned by edmondson family known as heysham head. the track got removed then to create that public footpath. the path where you wa walking would have been apart of the track. but it then went up higher. the sea front of heysham hasn’t changed in a long time . no erosion reported. I used to play on it on my bmx about 17 years ago as a child. it was in poor condition then. very bumpy with tree roots and that. but still well defined. like the grid markings and finish line was still visible.

  2. Thanks for making this and posting it. Used to love World Cup weekends. So many happy family memories and realise what a blessed life I have led.

    Here’s too Bert Hesketh, Martin Hines, Dave Buttigeig, Lenneart Bohlin, Carolyn Grant Sale, Rob Kerkoven, Steve Styrin , Tom Wood and my Dad, Martin Arrowsmith. Racing his 250cc up above.

  3. They used to race karts round the streets of Peel in the Isle Of Man which to be fair might have been even crazier than this!

    To hear Mark Allen compare it to Chasewater is funny, considering how cramped, dangerous and unsuitable that place was. (It’s now gone as well…)

    I never raced at Morecambe but I did drive at some very iffy venues. Barbed wire fences lining the track at Clay Pigeon in the early 90s springs to mind….

    I think Nigel Mansell nearly managed to kill himself at Morecambe – and he was hard as nails, so I can believe this track was ‘old school’! 😕

  4. TT will go the same way one day.

    UK kills all the best events in every way.

    Rs200 Group B. Although if some fans had common sense and not stand there. In the road often

    This Karting track and TT.

    Germany has it today with its wacky races I bet you could drive these karts there.

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