The worst veneer I’ve ever labored on! Classic furnishings RESTORATION.

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In this video I restore and outdated broken credenza. The veneer on this classic buffet was fully gone, some wooden was rotten and needed to be repaired. I attempted two completely different strategies of veneer software and used two heat colors to offer this outdated buffet a brand new life.You can see a number of ideas and methods I used within the restoration course of and hopefully be taught one thing new. This was my favorite venture to work on to this point.
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21 thoughts on “The worst veneer I’ve ever labored on! Classic furnishings RESTORATION.”

  1. I am amazed that you keep challenging yourself. Most restorers would not have attempted this project!! Stunning results! Everyone watching your channel should subscribe. You keep amazing us each time. FYI: I did or would not have noticed your chin siyuation until you pointed it out! 🐣

    1. Im thrilled you didn’t change a thing about this cool looking buffet. ( although you use different color of stain) It turned out awesome n I love those handles, so different. I too love how you challenge yourself. Keep up the great work. I’m so surprised that so many watch yet they don’t subscribe. Trust me people, you’ll truly enjoy watching. He taught himself at how to restore furniture.

  2. I only came across your channel a few days ago and have watched at least 20 plus uploads so far. I am working my way through all of them. Your work is truly fantastic and your attention to detail and your vision for each piece is spot on!
    I used to paint furniture a few years ago and am becoming more and more inspired to take it up as a hobby again but with more restoration than I used to do. Your videos are really well filmed and edited and are a joy to watch. You have a new subscriber in me… keep them coming! 🙏

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