THIS Is Going To Be A Game Changer For SILVER! com/watch? v= bYDthU-F9yY

Silver cost will certainly be considerably relocated somehow due to the major chauffeur for silver’s cost activity daily or month to month. In this video clip, I review what can press and also draw that sign and also just how you can be planned for what comes.

Dolly Varden Silver Corp.
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25 thoughts on “THIS Is Going To Be A Game Changer For SILVER!”

  1. Sal is my favorite financial advisor. 😜 Always sage advice. (But not financial advice)

    I think dollar index will fall yes it eventually has to. Based on 4000 years of fiat history.

    Silver still seems way undervalued. Not sure if there’s a real harsh recession how it will be priced. But tbh if it goes down I buy MORRREEEE.

  2. I don’t predict the trends of precious metals,
    HOWEVER I AM ALWAYS READY TO POUNCE ON SILVER when it dips below 19.00 usd
    An ounce and when gold drops below 1750.00an ounce..
    Until then I will just save all of the paper money I can..
    It probably won’t be that low for a long long time..

  3. Sal, forget about industrial uses of silver. Economy is gonna collapse during next 10 years at least. There won’t be an economic growth. Tje elites are seeking for the big reset in order to implement universal basic survival income and digital money. And they need people dependent on the Government to achieve this situation.

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