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TIPS AND TRICKS FOR YOUR INVISALIGN JOURNEY 2023 | Use real life tips from Dr. Courtney Ever wonder how to make your Invisalign treatment a little bit easier on your lifestyle? Check out this video for a few of the tips and tricks I share with my patients the day they start their Invisalign treatment. Links to the products in the video: Icebreakers Sugar Free Mints: Crest 3D Whitening Mouth Rinse: Orbitz Sugarfree Gum: My name is Dr. Courtney Barry – known by my patients as “Dr. Courtney” – and I am a board certified orthodontist practicing in New York City at my amazing private practice, Smile Pop. I am OBSESSED with all things teeth! Pretty sickening, huh? Website: Instagram: @dr.courtney.ortho and @smilepopnyc Amazon: πŸ‘‡ Smile Pop Teeth Whitening Products πŸ‘‡ ✨ Smile Pop Premium Teeth Whitening Kit ($60): ✨ Smile Pop Teeth Whitening Syringe Gel Syringes ($30): ✨ Smile Pop Aligner Cleansing & Teeth Whitening Foam ($20): ✨ Smile Pop Teeth Whitening Pen Gold Edition ($13): ✨ Smile Pop Teeth Whitening Pen Original ($10):

45 thoughts on “TIPS AND TRICKS FOR YOUR INVISALIGN JOURNEY 2023 | Use real life tips from Dr. Courtney”

    1. @Smile Pop – Dr. Courtney Barry thank you. It’s kind of rough going. Having to shovel food down and put the invisalign back in asap is intense. Plus it seems like I’m keenly aware of them all day. They’re not as carefree as I thought. My mouth is sort of starting to get use to them and is doing better now that I filed down some sharper edges. If I knew what I know now I wouldn’t have gotten them. But at the same time I’m trying to keep the end goal in mind. Hoping they become a bit less forefront of my mind and as I develop a rhythm and routine they start to feel less intrusive.

    2. @Acriptyc one more thing. if you need help with smoothing the aligners and give the dremmel a go, look for the comment made by Kelly Ayotte and the youtubers description box for a little more info to make your dremmel work. I’m not knowledgeable in tools and this was easy to use.

    3. @Quin Carter absolutely! Once you get used to it then it’ll be a part of your routine. Just remember to keep it in as long as possible. You’ll learn to eat fast and drink fast (drink clear liquids so you don’t stain them). To keep them in for the max time you won’t eat many snacks because flossing and brushing all day will get on your nerves. That’s why when some people get invisalign they joke about the invisalign diet.

    1. Hi Pewdie! As much as I hate to say it, practice makes perfect. As you continue to put them on and take them it off, it will get easier. If you have to run the elastics from the “back” to the “front” of your mouth, start with the back because it will be easier to pull it forward. Also, sometimes patients find it easier to slip the rubber band on the Invisalign aligner first and THEN put the tray on and stretch the rubber band. Good luck – you got this!

  1. This was great. Didn’t know you could suck on mints with my trays in. This should help since you can’t really snack in between meals. Is there any chance the mints could creep into the trays in cause any damage? Or just make sure they’re sugar free? Thanks again!

    1. Don’t make it a habit. It’s not so much the staining of the teeth or the trays that you have to worry about, but rather the acidity of the carbonated beverages or the acidity of the tea that can weaken your enamel over time if you are constantly “trapping” the acidity in the tray and on the enamel. I say limit it the best you can, but I’d be lying if I said I have never done it! πŸ™Š

  2. omg ur a life saver. i mesed up my previous alignment plan because i didnt have time to brush my teeth at school it’s literally impossible to brush it everyday after every meal so i keep waiting for the right time to brush and when it is, the tray has been out of my mouth for at least 4 hours… then my new invisalign trays stopped fitting so now i have a second alignment plan. chewing on sugarfree gum is so smart honestly and time saving

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