Tom Luongo – The Gutting of America

SBTV spoke with Tom Luongo from Gold Goats ‘n Guns and it’s a keeper. Tom has a no holds barred approach where he calls a spade a spade and is not shy to call it as he sees it. Isn’t this how it should be? Discussed in this interview: 01:29 Tom’s background 04:41 Grading Janet Yellen 11:43 $30 Trillion debt 18:03 Shaping the yield curve 24:12 Winning the fight 26:39 Growing debt 29:39 Record interest margin 34:08 Where do investors go? Schedule a call with me to know more about wealth protection Start a precious metals IRA with Silver Bullion: Buy & store gold and silver with Silver Bullion: Silver Bullion Twitter: /silverbullionpl Silver Bullion Instagram: @silverbullionsg

25 thoughts on “Tom Luongo – The Gutting of America”

  1. Thanks for bringing TL on your program, and putting together an intriguing set of topics to walk through. Those of us following Tom find his candor and no nonsense style refreshing as it pertains to describing the facts on the ground of U.S. geopolitics and macro economics.

  2. Has anyone asked Grammy Yellen who this “we” is she’s referring to when she claims ‘We (the U.S.) can _absolutely_ afford to fight two wars”?

    Is Grammy Yellen volunteering some of her own personal retirement nest egg (which she should looong since already have been drawing retirement) to directly fund conflicts in both the Ukraine and Israel? 🤨

    Because maybe she’s not familiar with the data here in the U.S. concerning the astronomical average *sovereign* U.S. debt per capita, as well as towering average personal credit card debt per household in our country, as well as how little retirement savings the average U.S. citizen has accumulated under her tenure as a custodian of the U.S. economy, and last the criticality of not NOT blowing out the U.S. deficit to disrupt the ability for the federal government to fund its Social Security program liabilities.

    Is it any wonder then that people find this woman not just insufferable, but an actual adversarial figure for which our tax dollars are paying a salary to?

    1. With one caveat – the banks are always given power by and share power with the political class. They control education to brainwash the population into thinking the ruling class are necessary for society to flourish. Until mankind understands that enslaving oneself to others, under the premise that they will take on your personal responsibilities of safety and security, is the longest running con in human history, the cycle will continue.

  3. I have to admit, much of this is over my head.
    But I do know enough (over 70), that these people in Washington are either stupid or criminal.
    They are the ones who have gotten us into this economic crisis, of historical proportions. The U.S. is in a debt trap, with no escape…..
    A very few benefit at the expense of the many.
    Both parties, helped them plunder the nation. And the world as well.

    1. I mean, it’s right there in front of our faces..
      The FED claims to be removing liquidity from the economy at the same time the Treasury is adding liquidity with deficit spending (borrowed money).
      How dysfunctional can they be?
      again, they are either stupid or criminal.

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