Tooth level of sensitivity when bleaching


It is fairly typical to experience level of sensitivity in the teeth when taking on specialist teeth bleaching. Learn what you can do to help in reducing the discomfort you might experience. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: VIDEO CLIP MATERIAL IS MEANT FOR A UK TARGET MARKET. DETAILS MAY STILL GET RESIDENTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES BUT RESIDENT & REGIONAL DIFFERENCES DO APPLY. ALWAYS TALK TO An ORAL EXPERT PRIOR TO LIGHTENING YOUR TEETH. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | Teeth bleaching is a challenging as well as usually misconstrued subject within oral wellness. With the assistance of our really own internal cosmetic dental practitioner, Dr Chhaya Chauhan, we have actually assembled one of the most detailed overview to teeth bleach you will certainly locate online. We address all your concerns as well as allow you recognize what is the most effective as well as most safe means to lighten your teeth. Take a take a look at all the video clips we carry teeth bleaching:

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50 thoughts on “Tooth level of sensitivity when bleaching”

    1. Hammad. Thanks for the question. As good as it is, it is a very specific question and this is not one I can answer honestly here for you. This is best discussed with your dentist or the dentist of the patient with the seizure problems. There are potential risks, but these have to be assessed and managed on a case by case basis based on the patients individual circumstances.

    1. Thanks for the question Bailey. To be honest this is a difficult question to answer conclusively. It can get very technical/science based and there are a number of other factors that come into play. Typically Sensodyne is the preferred recommendation by dentists for sensitive teeth, but it doesn’t mean it is the absolute best option.

      Without knowing precisely which paste you have (there are a few versions of Crest Sensitive) the reality is both are doing a similar job and are essentially equivalent.

    1. Hi Eden. The sensitivity and patchiness should calm down over a few days. I am assuming you had a checkup/know your teeth are health prior to beginning the whitening. You might just want to stop for a few days and then continue when this has subsided. You could too put some sensitive toothpaste into the whitening trays and wear them for a few hours (without any whitening bleach).

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