Toxic Impulse Paintball Gun|Old School Paintball Gun Review

I do wish you all appreciate allowing me display some paintball background in these old shooters I bring you! It’s simply a little what I bear in mind when I was more youthful so it’s been a satisfaction getting them up and also having them totally restored individually. Drop a Sub and also a Like if you appreciate old vintage paintball. Repair Paintball youtube: Instagram: Facebook:


15 thoughts on “Toxic Impulse Paintball Gun|Old School Paintball Gun Review”

    1. @Niche Paintball I dont miss a video of yours man, especially these types. That b2k3 is sweet. And your right. I wish there were more content on oldschool guns. Keep them coming bro. If you have an insta I’ll send you a pic of that bko as soon as I get the new purple cp asa and reg installed.

  1. Still love my Adrenaline Impulse. I’ve owned it since 2003 and its still just as good of a shooter and still turns heads on the field 20 years later. Only thing I would have done different on this particular build was I would have tried to track down a Scifi board for it so it has modern modes but I think he is sold out of them atm. Enjoy that classic shooter Impulses of all types were very popular at my local field in the early to mid 2000s

    1. I always get a kick out of it when people say oh that’s a new gun wow!! I’m like uhh… kid, this gun is older than you 🙂 I honestly enjoy using the older guns for reccball. I think a lot of people on youtube really enjoy some change up as well, everyone runs a CS or TM40 etc… need a bit of a change.

    2. @Niche Paintball yea I honestly get just as many ohhh ahhhs and wows when I bring out one of my classics as when I play with one of my modern markers in fact I few kids now who know to come over to my table just so they can see what old marker I’m rocking today especially during recball. It’s amazing how much things have changed how much a great marker 20 years ago hasn’t when taken care of. I mean we are nit picking reliability on the new stuff but at the same time my old trusty impulse hasn’t let me down in 20 years and literal millions of paintballs. That being said it’s still more finicky then my amp or adrenaline shocker. And my autocockers sometimes get contrary but it’s all in good fun right.

      And it makes my weekend when I let a kid shoot one of my classics and it blows their mind.

    3. It’s always fun. I wanted to play today but sadly my wife has to work her weekend at the medical clinic. I would go later but her friends are in town and are at Universal so we “HAVE” to go see them. lol She was saying some choice words when I was telling her I could care less…

    1. Yes sir! I have a G6R I just grabbed but sent it off to Flawless airworks as the board was actually falling apart when it arrived….grumble grumble. Couldn’t prove a thing. I sent the repair guy my Etek 1 which will come back in a week or two. Good guys all around! Glad to have ya swinging by the channel.

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