Toys We All Had As Kids…

Toys We All Had As Kids… Today we talk about toys that we all had as kids and these toys were just essential growing up in the 2000s Wurdie (2nd channel): Business email: [email protected] Spotify Podcast:

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  1. Beyblades got so crazy at my school that every single recess about 20 of us would commandeer one of the slides (there was a structure with 2 slides that at the bottom of the slide was a pretty good arena) and just have round after round of stuff. It got so heated when people were going “Bro i literally won yours fell out of the slide first bro” “nuh uh” that a teacher was permanently assigned to watch and referee for us. Eventually one of them went and hit the edge of the slide weird making it fly into someone’s forehead and they got banned even though the guy who got hit was fine.
    My school had some “challenge the principal” raffle thing and one of the boys got picked and his challenge was to beat the principal in beyblades and if he won it would unban them. He (unsurprisingly) won, but by then the beyblade burst was in full swing and only they were unbanned, leaving all of us with our original metal beyblades basically useless and beyblades died at my school.

    dont feel like fixing grammar because im already dumb enough lmao

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