Trump’s 2024 project endangered by financing case|Sarah Baxter

“Trump’s legal representative, Michael Cohen, confessed paying [Stormy Daniels] hush cash. Now it resembles Trump himself might be held responsible for misstating details regarding his project funds.”

Donald Trump is encountering financing insurance claims which might cost his 2024 governmental project, reporter Sarah Baxter informs #TimesRadio
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17 thoughts on “Trump’s 2024 project endangered by financing case|Sarah Baxter”

  1. Yeah that mad man Trump calling for peace in Ukraine. What a utter lunatic. What sort of idiot would want peace??!! oh wait minute is it us who is mad for calling for more escalation in this conflict? 🤔I think most people on here have lost there ethics and morals.

  2. The documents issue isn’t so much about improper possession of the documents, but that trump spent over a year deliberately obstructing the return of them. Pence and Biden returned them as soon as they were discovered. Trump lied for over a year and obstructed the law.

  3. If Cohen committed a crime then so did Trump. It’s not alleged that Trump tried to pressure the election officials in Georgia, there’s an hour long tape of him doing it that any fool can listen to. He’s committed all sorts of crimes in plain sight, and it beggars belief that the Republican establishment won’t acknowledge it, or do anything about it. So much corruption and hypocrisy. The thought that he could become President again is terrifying.

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