Trying to Sell $10,000 in Gold Coins to Coin Shops!


How Much will Coin Shops paying for 6 1oz Gold Coins worth $10,000? Recently I tried to sell 10,000 1oz Silver Eagles to Local Coin Shops across the U.S., and now today we’re going to try and sell 6 1oz Gold Coins (3 Gold Eagles and 3 Gold Maples), to local coin shops across the U.S. to see what they will offer us for them! Check out the 100k Silver Chest mentioned in the video here! ▶ Did you like this video? Don’t forget to hit the like button and leave a comment to let me know! Want to Support the Channel? —————————————————- ▶ Become a Channel Member! – Channel Memberships include awesome benefits for supporting the channel, so be sure to click and check them out!s Get your Silver and Gold Coin Ping Tester! ▶ *This is an affiliate link, so buying a Ping Tester through this link supports the channel! Check out my Online Store for Silver, Collectibles and more! ▶ Curious about the equipment I use for my videos? Visit this link to find out what I use in my setup! ▶ Check out these Epic Links Below! _________________________________ ▶SUBSCRIBE! ▶INSTAGRAM! ▶DISCORD! ▶My Website: ▶My Patreon! ▶Disclaimer: ________________________________ Credits: Trying to Sell $10,000 in Gold Coins to Coin Shops!

#GoldCoins #GoldEagles #goldprice Table of Contents: 0:00 Introduction 0:20 Coin Shops Names and Voices Masked 0:48 Local Coin Shop #1 2:19 Local Coin Shop #2 3:45 Local Coin Shop #3 4:44 100k Silver Chest Information 5:23 Local Coin Shop #4 6:55 Local Coin Shop #5 8:27 Local Coin Shop #6 9:29 Local Coin Shop #7 10:29 Final Gold Coin Prices & Final Wrap-Up

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