Unboxing Rare Silver Coins INSIDE a Coin Shop INSANE SCORE ONLY 30 MINTED!!!

In this silver unboxing video I unbox my silver inside a coin shop! I have never unboxed silver inside a coin shop before, but I wanted to try it out and see what kind of silver coins I got while visiting a local coin shop. At this coin store I talk to the owner and he shows me some of the rare silver that he recently got from a coin show. We look at different silver coins and silver collectibles before getting to the silver unboxing. I open the new Star Wars Trading Coins and get super lucky! The Star Wars Trading Coins are a new idea from the New Zealand Mint and they are expensive to say the least. All of the things we show in this video are for collecting only and not silver stacking. If you want to invest in silver or start silver stacking then stick with low premium silver bullion such as silver rounds, silver coins, and silver bars. ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Rumble: https://rumble.com/SilverDragons ✅ Buy Silver & Gold From SD Bullion https://sdbullion.com/new ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silverdragons47/ ✅ SIGMA METALYTICS PMV DISCOUNT: Sigma Metalytics ✅ Contact: [email protected] ✅ Silver Dragon’s Website: https://silverdragons47.com/ Thanks for watching!! Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Topics I cover in this video: silver unboxing, unboxing silver, unbox silver, silver unboxed, silver coin unboxing, silver coins unboxed, rare silver coin, rare silver coins, coin shop, coin shop owner, coin shops, coin store, bullion dealer, silver coin, silver coins, star wars trading coin, star wars trading coins, unboxing star wars trading coins, silver coin unbox, silver bars, silver rounds, silver stacking, invest in silver, silver investing, silver bullion, silver dealer, silver shop, silver coin shop, investing in silver, buy silver, silver star wars coins, star wars coins, star wars coin unboxing #silver #silverprice #silverstacking

21 thoughts on “Unboxing Rare Silver Coins INSIDE a Coin Shop INSANE SCORE ONLY 30 MINTED!!!”

  1. I am super Impressed , Wish I could afford to collect collectables more so than I have . Congrats on the Grogu , That smaller Dragon was cool too . I would have like to have seen you buy that one . That Larger Dragon was just Sick , I guess that’s for the People worth Over Half a Million to Collect towards a Retirement , I am so glad Charles was not on it , The Queen needs to be 0n that Coin 🙂 QC

  2. Got me a (Rare) Grogu 25/30 just like @SilverDragons47 , (Scarce) Rey 22/50 & BB-8 16/50, (Uncommon) Mace Windu 93/150, (Limited) Princess Leia Organa 67/250 & 249/250, Emperor Palpatine 37/250, and Chewbacca 225/250. 😁😁 Love your stuff man keep them videos comin’

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