Understanding The Life Insurance Game with Caleb Guilliams

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29 thoughts on “Understanding The Life Insurance Game with Caleb Guilliams”

  1. How would this stack up with capital gain instead of a regular income tax of 30%? Does the math still make sense for buy term and invest the difference compared to whole life? Please explain as this is almost always the argument why a lot of people are not buy into permanent life insurance hence talking about cash value life insurance. Thank you!

    1. Great question!

      Even if you elimated taxes all the way life insurance still would make sense to have because of it giving your dollars more then one job. It’s hard to measure, explain and even value all the jobs that life insurance can do if it is set up and used properly.

      Here is a video where I did my best to give the overview of this concept https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9uXdvLlwhs

      I am currently working on future videos that will dive into more of the questions you had in your comment πŸ™

  2. Can you guys do a lazer fund video like this? Aka IUL for infinite banking?

    Participating loans ?

    Also can you cover 7702(a) , 72(a) and 101(g) IRC?
    How the connection of 1099-LTC and 1099-R with life insurance makes life insurance legal!

    T.O.L.I =trust own life insurance
    And the benefits of it.

    How banks own life insurance in their Tier one assets.

    Love what both channels are doing!

  3. super enlightening!

    I was thinking though, it would be totally awesome if there was a written transcript for this video. It’d be a great reference and would make it easier to look back on the golden nuggets you dropped. If it’s not doable for this video, maybe it’s something you could think about for future videos?

    Thanks for all the wisdom you’re sharing, and keep up the great work!

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