United States Debt Clock Silver, Gold & Oil Ratios to 0? (What’s Really Going On)

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= qf13wT12KDA

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28 thoughts on “United States Debt Clock Silver, Gold & Oil Ratios to 0? (What’s Really Going On)”

    1. @Smart Silver Stacker I just watched the short again to better understand…..so the calculation takes into account the the ‘growth’ of the M2 money supply as opposed to the total M2 money supply…what a weird calc….I wonder why they just wouldn’t divide the M2 money supply by the price of silver.

    1. The M2 money supply is shrinking year over year, so it’s a negative number. I suspect that the debt clock is programmed to not display a negative number for the ratio, so it displays 0 instead. It basically says as much when you mouse over any of those figures.

  1. Usdebtclock changed their definition.
    Dollar to silver ratio is not crashing.
    Title was dollar to silver ratio.
    It was dollars in circulation M2 divided by yearly silver mining supply.
    Title is revised to paper to silver ratio.
    Now it’s how many ounces are traded on exchanges divided by yearly silver mining supply. Now we know there are 403 paper promises per ounce of real silver.
    Reason others are 0 is formulas haven’t been finalized for new definitions.

    1. You’re incorrect. The dollar to silver ratio listed on the site is defined as the INCREASE in m2 money supply divided by the INCREASE in the silver supply on annual basis. This has not changed, it’s the same as it has been, but now that we are in 2023 the m2 money supply is not INCREASING it is DECREASING so this ratio is now negative, that’s why the number shows as 0.

      The “Paper To Silver” ratio has always been on the clock as well, and it is as you say the number of paper ounces traded divided by the mining supply. The only thing that has changed is that the M2 money supply is DECREASING now.

      Not trying to be a jerk or anything, I just see a lot of bad information circulating about this and I think we need to nip that in the bud. Thank you for watching as always!

    1. Hard to spell it out in greater detail in a 60 second short. The ratio measures the increase in the m2 money supply divided by the increase in the supply of silver, gold, or oil. The M2 money supply is now declining instead of increasing. So you can’t have a ratio of the increase in the m2 money supply to the increase in a commodity if the m2 money supply isn’t increasing.

      The answer would be a negative number, and I suspect that usdebtclock.org is programmed to display 0 rather than a negative number. It basically says as much when you mouse over the field, and I included a screenshot of that mouse over in the video.

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