US Dollar to 160?!?! Where to Next for Gold & Silver? .com/watch?v=8lrA7CnXtnE

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24 thoughts on “US Dollar to 160?!?! Where to Next for Gold & Silver?”

    1. Mike You are right the Price of Gold and Silver bullion and Very low But Why on earth we would like higher prices When we are buying Phisical Gold and Silver bullion and coins. We have to personally Thank Jamie Dimon for the Manipulation of the Precious Metals. And We know when the Fiat currencies crash the Gold would be at least 15.000 dollars or whatever the demand price will be.

  1. Thanks Mike,
    last time we hit 160, was 1985 Plaza accord ,
    this level surely would weaken US exports a lot?, all financial products/securities become more expensive ?.
    Would this would make a lot of cash flow to europe(which is a complete shitshow btw- greetings from Ireland) or into GBP/UK?
    Brits are buying like it’s gone out of fashion

  2. So.. while the currency deflates does it take Silver and gold with it in the short term or is that the rocket fuel needed? Also thinking the public is getting more and more aware as the message spreads of how corrupt the banking system is with fractional lending etc.. UK I’m looking at you, you canary you!

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