Using AI to make Doll Face Jewellery & btw I dislike BTS currently

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Why I was away: 00:00 – 00:33
Why I erased mostly all of my BTS web content: 00:33 – 02:21
AI program Dall E: 02:21 – 04:38
Creating Jewellery making use of AI: 04:38 – 23:12

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15 thoughts on “Using AI to make Doll Face Jewellery & btw I dislike BTS currently”

  1. Oh yeah…the situation with K-Pop….I think I stopped listening to new stuff around the end of 2021…? And I think I (almost) completley cut ties with K-Pop when Jungkook performed in Quatar, because his performance reminded me how fake the K-Pop industry actually is.
    I am really nostalgic for 2nd gen K-Pop. It was awesome that Idols visited each other, or were just having a good time in the crowd when other Idols were performing (best example BIGBANG’s performance at MAMA 2013). For me K-Pop used to be made out of so much color, the Idols themselfes had personality and didn’t look alike to the way that you can only tell who someone is by a “crazy” haircolor…
    I am not saying that the industry was better back in the day. There’s a lot we do not know about. Things that happened behind the scenes which are sealed behind contracts.
    But I think the majority of people who started listening to K-Pop during that period of time will propaby agree with some points I mentioned earlier.

  2. I used to be obsessed with bts in 2019-2021, and while I still love the members individually and follow them on insta, I’m not as obsessed as I used to be. I don’t like the K-pop industry, but bts helped me through a very dark period in my life. while going through traumatic events I had their music to listen to and cheer up. I still listen to their new music when it drops since i like supporting them, though my taste in music has drastically changed, I still appreciate everything they have done for me 🙂 I still listen to some of their songs for nostalgia but that’s about it.

  3. I’m similar rn, but I did get into other groups that I still keep one eye open for, when 2020 hit I started seeing the rose colored glasses come off and I realized how terrible the fandom and industry can be and I left,(best decision ever) now I just listen to whoever I want watching everything from the sidelines (fan wars are so funny to me now), however I don’t think I’ll fully be out of it till I see a concert tho (I’ve been trying since 2020)

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