Using safety deposit boxes is one of the WORST ways to store precious metals.#banking #safes

In this video, we’re going to talk about one of the worst ways to store your precious metals – using safety deposit boxes. Using a safety deposit box is one of the worst ways to store your metals. Not only are they expensive to use, but they’re also one of the least safe ways to store your metals. If you’re thinking about using a safety deposit box to store your metals, think again. Instead, try one of the other options we discuss in this video – like storing your metals in a secure digital account or a safe deposit box that’s FDIC insured.

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4 thoughts on “Using safety deposit boxes is one of the WORST ways to store precious metals.#banking #safes”

  1. April 1995, Italy. Didn’t eat for 3 days thanks to everything being closed. Was stuck on a mountaintop town, about to walk down to the harbor 10 miles below on day 4 when suddenly everything reopened, at twice the price. From what I could gather, the government kept the banks closed and the one ATM was showing ant races – all the shop owners seemed to be content to wait things out and seemed to have coordinated among themselves what to do WAY ahead of time.

    The takeaway I had from this was to always have a week’s worth of canned food that didn’t need heating on anything more complicated than a camp fire, a dozen big bottles of water, and lots of chocolate. Oh and a package of cigarettes to trade for a ride out.

    There’s simply nothing that can prepare you for a complete loss of all payment tech, or trust in a currency coupled with the closure of every store and restaurant. And everyone holding real assets suddenly is in collusion.

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