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#VinceLanci: What Happens To #Silver As #Gold Gets Re-monetized There was a seismic shift within the world monetary cash system final yr when Russia was reduce out of the SWIFT system. Because not solely was Russian eliminated, but it surely served as a warning sign for different nations that they may probably be subsequent. Since that point, we have seen nations proceed their plans to de-dollarize, and discover methods to do commerce that does not contain the western monetary system. And maybe essentially the most evident latest information level to emerge was a paper from the IMF suggesting that gold is now not only a barberous relic. So in right now’s present, Vince Lanci seems on the newest developments, and explains why the transfer in the direction of gold as cash once more, in addition to taking part in the position of a method of commerce settlement, is already effectively underway. And how given that is the case, what it means for silver. He asserts that the newest authorities actions point out that the scenario is previous the purpose of simply being hypothesis, and talks in regards to the methods the Eastern powers are actually trying on the valuable metals. Which may have a profound impression on the way in which the metals are priced because the system evolves. So to higher perceive the adjustments that many of the world usually are not but, click on to observe this video now! – To get entry to Vince’s analysis at Goldfix Substack go to: To learn the papers that Vince references in his discuss go to: The Golden Ruble:

“Golden ruble 3.0” – How Russia can change the infrastructure of foreign trade
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20 thoughts on “Vince Lanci: What Happens To Silver As Gold Gets Re-monetized”

  1. “Gold as Money is a Done Deal??” Really?? Uuhhhh, try going to the grocery store, or buy a car or go pay your rent with gold and see what happens. After they stop laughing you’re going to want to get your checkbook or credit card. NO, gold is a million miles away from being money.

    Countries have used gold to trade between each other for centuries, nothing new here.

    Regarding the BRICS, it is largely a pipe dream thus far, and it is extremely difficult if not impossible to base a currency on a basket of currencies, as they are trying to do. Here is a quote from the Russians: “Khakimov said that “This is not an easy task. The roadmap for the gradual increase in the share of national currencies in mutual settlements, adopted at the SCO summit in Samarkand, clearly spells out all the stages. Therefore, I do not think that this process will be accelerated, but the intention is serious.” The percentage of world trade being done by the BRICS nations is minuscule.

  2. First of all, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for silver in computer chips, solar panels, or Electric vehicle batteries. There is NO OTHER metal that has the electrical properties that silver has. Copper has nowhere near the electrical properties of silver, which is why, even though copper is much cheaper, sophisticated specialization of computer chips, solar panels and high-end batteries REQUIRE silver.

  3. Have a look at that IMF report, look at what they report the amount of gold held by the USA. That’s got to be a lie because there hasn’t been an audit of the gold reserve for about 50 years or more and they cant prove that they are holding any gold at all.

  4. I will ask this: How much ”currency” does a country need to have in circulation to properly function? Is that 20% of the country net worth (land, buildings, natural resources, etc.)? Ten percent? I don’t know. But the other question is this: While the debt ceiling is 31 trillion, how much gold would they use to back that? Would that be all the gold in Fort Knox, which is (I looked it up) at 147 million ounces of gold. According to the Bureau of the Fiscal Reserve, there are 147,341,858.382 ounces of gold in Fort Knox as of August 31, 2018. National debt is now at 31.3 trillion as of January 2023. So, in properly backing the dollar, would they divide 31.3 trillion by 147 million ounces of gold? That would be a gold price at $21,243.11/troy ounce. If silver is monetized at 30 to one, then that would put silver at $708 per troy ounce.

  5. Remember why silver went from Europe to Asia until a few 100 years ago:
    Asia had a long history valuing gold to silver 6:1.
    So merchants shipped silver to asia and came back with gold and spices.
    16:1 is the western historic ratio. 6:1 is the asian historic ratio.

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