Watch this prior to getting a LED expand light …

In this video clip I take a seat with Dan from The Green Sunshine Company and also ask him inquiries regarding lighting for plants. The inquiries ought to aid educate newbies of points to seek in a LED expand light; expand light purchasers overview. Watch this prior to getting a LED expand light …

This gardening video clip is for academic and/or docudrama objectives and also isn’t developed to aid or motivate others to mimic.
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21 thoughts on “Watch this prior to getting a LED expand light …”

  1. Huge thanks to Dan, Owner of The Green Sunshine Company, for sitting down with me to talk grow room lighting. This video is very different from the content I usually bring you on this channel. Don’t worry, I’ll still have garden updates on this channel – this type of content is an addition to that! I hope you enjoy! Check out The Green Sunshine Company website here:

    1. Awesome video man great interview just picked up an electric sky or digitally did still waiting for it In the mail so it was like this video was meant for me nice to hear more about why I made a good choice from one of the guys I got my light from haha

  2. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention that when you’re growing in the winter time which is really the only time you’re supposed to grow inside each ID bulbs are way better because they produce heat and light that’s two forms of energy you need at the same time so they’re always going to be more efficient than the new technology of LEDs I can’t figure out why nobody talks about this if it’s summertime and you’re worried about the heat you need to be growing outside I’m sorry you’re not supposed to grow inside in the summer

  3. Yeah common sense top end led chips equals more like middle of the power of its driven power. So better in small spaces good info but u need infra red for oils and density made some monsters with leds they work they are out there get the right one u will be happy 😊

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