Watch this BEFORE you sink your savings into physical gold

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44 thoughts on “Watch this BEFORE you sink your savings into physical gold”

    1. In terms of older coins that are still relatively easy to pick up there are some interesting years, you might like to add a Young Victoria shield sovereign or perhaps different portraits that you don’t already have. If you look at mintmarks there’s a few interesting years such as 1918i which is the only year the older sovereigns were minted in India or 1932 which was the final George V bullion sovereign only minted in South Africa. If you want something really special some of the pre Victorian sovereigns like George iii 1817 in reasonable condition would be a fantastic addition to a collection

  1. I never pay more the 8% premium on fractional that’s why I stick to Sovereigns for my fractional. 1oz coins I stay under 5% premium and I usually buy 24k unless it’s an American Gold Eagle. Buffalos, Brits and Perth Mint products. Krugs and Maples draw the attention of the Internal Revenue Service for some reason.

    1. Fantastic that’s good to know. Australia has some great options from the Perth mint too. 22k there is treated similar to silver in the UK the dealers charge VAT but 2nd hand market does not, the only thing is that sellers know how much dealers charge and so usually increase their premiums accordingly (on 999 bullion at least)

  2. I’m thinking about buying into gold. I was originally thinking of buying a 1kg bar, but then read that id have to pay capital gains when i sell in 10 to 15 years time.

    So i saw that sovereigns were a better option in this regard but i don’t fully understand the premium issue. I was looking at buying 100+ sovereigns from the royal mint in one go.

    Is this a stupid idea?

    1. The advantage of sovereigns or Britannias they are currently exempt from CGT like you say whereas the bars are not but also more divisible. You have options to buy and sell in multiple tranches eg you could buy say 10 Oz now, another 10 Oz in 6 months and the rest next year (however you see fit to spread your average cost out and not be exposed to one point in the market)

      Royal mint whilst reputable are rarely the cheapest and are not known for good customer service unfortunately. I’d take a look at Atkinson’s, Bullion By Post, HGM or Baird and co, to name a few of the bigger online dealers.

      There is no one best dealer to buy from as it depends on stock levels of what you’re buying, the dealers premiums which change frequently and the quantity you’re ordering.

      Hope that helps 👍🏼

  3. It’s sad that every stacking channel do the same videos over and over again. I’ve been watching you for a long time and I have seen multiple video like this one. It’s repetitive. And the stacking community do the same.

    I have a great idea of video. For exemple talk about the value of a gold sovereign back in Victorian era vs now. Or, the value of silver since ancient time. Or even the salary of a UK Capitain back in 1700. There is so many things to do. This would actually be interesting. Hope you take on my advice 👍

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Always good to hear some feedback. A lot of my videos I make to answer questions that get asked most of the time in the comments.

      I’ve a list of videos that I want to make some requiring more research than others. Interestingly a few you mention such as salaries Vs gold and what a gold sovereign would buy over the past 200 years, gold Vs property etc are topics I’m in the process of putting together notes and data for however verifying such information is a challenge and has a lot of variances that I want to make sure are catered for.

      Your suggestions are much appreciated 👌🏽

    1. Good to know. Sometimes out of area coins get traded at very good prices too and many people don’t realise or pay much attention. A bit like if there were some of the 2008 fractional buffalo coins in the UK a lot of people like the buffalo but wouldn’t realise what they’re worth

  4. I’m very lucky that one of the LCS’s go to is a numismatics shop, and the other one is an antiques shop. The numismatic store will pay market value of coins (at least spot + a little extra); and the antiques place will pay for precious metal content regardless of purity percentage. This isn’t professional advice, it’s just my opinion. Find good dealers to buy/sell/trade with. But that’s the US. Here, it’s really in the hands of the LCS.

    1. Hello. About as safe as could be when shopping online with the top online dealers. The likes of second hand market places would be more risky especially for someone starting out who perhaps hasn’t handled a lot of known genuine coins to compare with. There are genuine sellers who sell peer to peer but I’d strongly suggest sticking with reputable dealers at least initially.

  5. I really want one of these coins
    “The Queen’s Beasts” .
    But I can’t find any from reputable dealer.
    I found awaiting stock in Bullionbypost .
    Let me ask what is the difference in grades such as
    NGS MS69 and NGS MS70 ?
    Also there’ is without a grade at all.
    Can i have some clarification please ?

    1. The Queen’s beast coins have sold out now so you would be relying on them coming in 2nd hand. They pop up from time to time but some of the more desirable ones like Dragon, Griffin and 1st Lion are less common.
      In terms of the grading some say the difference between a 69 and 70 could be how the inspector felt on the day. I’ve seen some coins where a 69 looks perfect and others where the 70 seemed to be a bit marked.

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