ERMERGERD, did you guys know that Costco has fancy AF wedding rings??? Not even kidding, Costco just sold a ring that cost $400,000! So obviously Chris and I had to head there to try on all their wedding rings…and buy hummus, cheese, and literally everything else in the store. On the real, Costco has an AMAZING assortment of rings! Which style do you think we should pick???? Please subscribe to my channel: Follow our WEDDING JOURNEY: ENGAGEMENT VIDEO:… WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING:… WEDDING HAIR STYLES:… WEDDING MAKEUP TEST:… Let’s get SOCIAL! Follow Joslyn on Instagram Follow Joslyn on Twitter Follow Chris on Instagram #Wedding #Engagement #EngagementRing Edited By: Alex Tzavalas Music By: Epidemic Sound


  1. I work the sales department at store 323 New Jersey! Come on down to see the jewelry! Guy showing jewelry was SO WRONG. “if you lose it you can return it” … WRONG! If one falls out and you still have it… you can return the ring and we will have it put back in and secured for you. Send it out to a jewelry for you at no cost. If you have a ring that has small stones.. wear it daily then go to clean it.. notice some small stones are missing.. we will send it out for diagnostics to see if it came loose by error of the setting of the ring and replace that smaller diamond for free for you. “Customer Satisfaction” policy is that if you don’t like something you can return it. If you have a ring and you lose the biggest stone and come in with the ring without the stone.. you don’t get your money back! Also.. we won’t replace that stone if you don’t have it.

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