What I Would Do DIFFERENTLY – Starting My Bookkeeping Business Today

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Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! In college I started my own bookkeeping business. This is what I would do differently if I were starting it today. Check out my video on QB Online vs QB Desktop here: https://bit.ly/2ZGcvDS QuickBooks Online Accountant program (free platform for bookkeeping/accounting firms to serve their clients): https://quickbooks.intuit.com/accountants/products-solutions/accounting/online/ AJ Stockwell is a licensed CPA and the owner of Learn Bookkeeping Today LLC and Climb CFO LLC. He is a small business accounting and finance expert with a passion for sharing high-quality informative content for: -Bookkeepers and aspiring bookkeepers or college students who are considering a career in accounting or starting their own bookkeeping business. -Business owners who want to better understand their numbers or improve their accounting processes and controls. -CPAs who are looking to bring even more value to their clients and streamline/update their processes. What sets me apart is the fact that I have been in the shoes of all 3 of these groups. This channel is going to explore a wide variety of topics related to these areas. Thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe and let me know in a comment below what you would like to see on this channel! Go check out my blog and course offering here: http://bit.ly/2ZLTYG6

22 thoughts on “What I Would Do DIFFERENTLY – Starting My Bookkeeping Business Today”

  1. Hi AJ, awesome video. I’m not a CPA like yourself, however I have been working in Accounting for years.

    My question is this… Can I as a Non-CPA offer Accounting services to small businesses? Specifically local restaurants.

    I want to offer more than just simple bookkeeping, such as tax preparation, budgeting and forecasting.

  2. Hi AJ. Iโ€™m researching what bookkeeping certification/training Iโ€™ll go into (Iโ€™m just wanting this job until I graduate my compsci program and Iโ€™d like to be able to be a part time bookkeeper while I go to school full time).
    Your videos are super helpful so far! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Great video. I have been in retail for 30+ years and ready to start something new that doesn’t require me to work more than 3-4 days a week. Is this something that could fit within the bookkeeper schedule. Also, I am into real estate and is there a niche for beekeeping in the real estate sphere? Appreciate any feedback.

  4. Thanks! I really needed some clarity on opening my bookkeeping business! I have about 23 years of accounting in alternative investments and a family member ask me to keep his books for his real estate. I will focus my business on that angle. Is there any other advice that you can share about going into this niche of accounting?

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