What is Life Insurance, do I require it?

Understanding the various kinds of life insurance policy, the advantages and disadvantages, and also what’s right for you! Term, Whole life, Universal, Variable, Indexed Universal life. Temporary vs irreversible. Can you “spend” inside a life insurance policy plan? #leynanguyen #personalfinance #lifeinsurance

26 thoughts on “What is Life Insurance, do I require it?”

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  2. Happy New Year Leyna. Looks like you offer life insurance to Clients. That is good. I learned that 80% of Terms weren’t there when Clients need them. They also offer Rop Term ( Return of premium term life– the hybrid ) recently. It good for the older but wants life w some cash value or people who already has permanent life but wants more life w cash value ( affordable ). Let me know if you have questions .

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