What Nobody Tells You About Invisalign….

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What Nobody Tells You About Invisalign…. I got Invisalign… with Vpro5 PROPEL (the accelerated version) This is everything they didn’t tell me… From extractions to T.A.D’s to Elastics, IPR, Attachments and more! My Tooth Extraction Surgery for Invisalign : https://youtu.be/tg6Z_D5pjes Starting Speed Invisalign with Propel: https://youtu.be/nYQdv2Dm2o8 Check me out on Instagram @jordanjsparks This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only and is not intended to infringe upon any copyright 🙂

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  1. i just picked up my first set of trays on tuesday. i had a tooth extraction 6 years ago and have had braces ever since. my gap never closed and when i turned 18 i told them i didn’t even care about the gap anymore and was tired of having braces on especially going into college and considering they’ve been on since middle school. the ortho took my braces off and gave me invisalign for free. i cant wait to be DONE with teeth work and have a nice smile. i am on invisalign for 34 weeks (at the moment) and and so far it’s been great. the only downside, as you mentioned, is eating. i would rather starve then take out the trays because it’s soo much work

    1. Hey!! So I am confused now as to what Propel ACTUALLY is. There is some Orthodontists out there DRILLING HOLES in peoples jaw above the Teeth, and they are changing their Invisalign Trays every 2-3 DAYS!! THAT is what I believe Propel ACTUALLY is. What My Orthodontist gave me, is just a Vibrating Mouth piece thing called the V-Pro 5, and I think that COMBINED with the drilled holes makes it so that you can change your trays every 2-3 days. For Me, I don’t have any holes drilled into my face, I only use that mouth piece, and I change my trays every week. Normally Invisalign trays you change every 2 weeks. SO, in conclusion, with the Propel AND V-Pro 5, you can complete Invisalign like 75% faster, and with JUST V-Pro 5 you can can complete invisalign in like Half the time. I hope this made sense!! <3

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