Which British gold coins are most desirable?



Lets look at the second part of buying modern gold coins at auction with a delivery of royal mint gold commemoratives from London Coins. What is the best denomination to buy? If you would like to make a donation to the channel to show your support then this is most welcome. Please use this link https://www.paypal.me/numistacker Now on Instagram too https://www.instagram.com/numistacker/ follow me and chat to me there. 797 Please support and visit channel sponsor The Silver Forum at http://thesilverforum.com for the best chatter and information on coins, silver, gold and much more. #numismatics #coincollecting #royalmint

27 thoughts on “Which British gold coins are most desirable?”

  1. great collection of coins, for me its always the £5 comemrative coins followed by 50p, but as always it always gives me the greatest buzz if i can pick up say somethink like a victoria sovereign and it gets a really good grade from ngc, but now getting a lot harder to do that i just think so many more people are collecting gold coins these days…great video numi…

  2. 1980 £1, 1985 £1, 1994 £1, 1999 £1, 1985 £5, 1991 £100 Britannia, 2005 £50, 2005 £25, 2005 £10. This is the sum total of my modern UK proof gold, all bought as bullion when gold was quite a bit lower. That limits me to the pretty ordinary coins. Most of my British gold are vintage sovereigns, which go as far back as 1833. And, as they were real coins, that is where my preference lies. The five sovereigns I have between 1957 and 1966 are in a category all their own and are only distinguished by being in exceptionally high MS condition.
    It is a real privilege getting to see so many beautiful and rare modern UK gold, thanks very much, Numi.

  3. Hi Numi. The silver foil is more likely there to give the contents a little more protection from any water or other liquids that may spill on the box in its travels. I work for a major airline as a cargo screener and if that package arrived at my cargo station and I couldn’t see the contents inside during x-ray, then I would have to open the box and all other packages inside to verify that the contents matched the airway bill and nothing was inside the box which could harm the aircraft. Great coins and fantastic video. Thank you.

  4. I agree with you on the “pecking order” of the coins — the sovereign being on top, then £5, then perhaps £2, etc. And yes, for some reason the proof Britannias aren’t very popular. Not sure why, but I also feel that way about them, which is why I haven’t bought one yet! Of course the bullion Britannia is the opposite, very popular. Could it be because people see the Britannia as a bullion coin rather than a luxury item?

  5. I prefer larger size than smaller. £5 quintuple sovereigns and commemorative crowns have the wow factor. Some more than others depending on design. £2 / double sovereigns and 50 pences follow. Full size Britannias would be up there too, but I don’t have any yet. Unlike a lot of collectors I’m not a particular fan of modern £1 sovereigns. They look resplendent on screen and in brochures, but I have to remind myself that they’re only about the same size as a decimal penny. I’d rather save up and buy something larger, albeit less frequently. That said, I do appreciate historical sovereigns. I would add that your channel input is responsible for that. Keep up the good work.

  6. Ohhhhh, that London Coin Company! Yes, I’ve also been to that antiquaited site. Thought it was associated with the other company. Thanks for the clarification. Love that 2009 chariot Britainnia! Probably Britannias rank higher in popularity than the £2 sovereign which I think is the sleeper in British gold.

  7. Britannia is my favored coin after the sovereign. There are a few designs and designers that really stand out Philip Nathan of course who did the first batch, Suzie zamit whose 2 designs were both used some decade apart the second is really great in high relief on 5oz coins as the design is so detailed, and of course the iconic Jody Clark 2014 design, which was a high in modern seminumismatic design for me. The changing of artists and interpretation of the changing face of Britain was also great with some choice and changing designs from 2007 up… thanks again for the videos

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