Which mint makes the BEST & WORST Silver coins?

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23 thoughts on “Which mint makes the BEST & WORST Silver coins?”

  1. Royal Australian Mint for me, beautiful designs, great quality no matter whether its bullion quality or proof, they really don’t get enough exposure. The Perth is a close second on quality but some of their designs are duds. Royal Mint fails more than it succeeds, won’t get anywhere near top close for me until it starts improving its quality. Apparently dings, dents, unknown foreign objects, scratches and milking is perfectly acceptable on their bullion coins even though every other mint out there seems to disagree. Also their whole lunar series is rubbish.

  2. I always liked the Mexican Peso . Great eagle with snake ,but I am talking about circulated coins . I love the Americans like the Walking Liberty . Peace Dollar and Morgan . What about a First Majestic one ounce ,beautiful private press . If you are stacking you care more about weight than aesthetics . For me I will mix up 20 of this 20 of that and some halves as well

  3. Royal mint has nice designs but some questionable quality with milk spots and finish..

    Perth mint has some nice designs and good finish.

    US mint has had some good design in past but recent ones have dropped the ball..

    CANADIAN MINT has great designs but low quality finish due to milk spots..

    Mexican mint has the same designs but high premiums but good quality..

    Perth mint is my favorite ATM..

    Favorite over all

  4. Iam a stacker and these coins are so expensive with premiums and vat and delivery in the uk and iam realy going off buying most are double spot price just not worth it its a shame unless you live in America you get some cracking deals welcome packs and just over spot price which is really good only this counrty you get ripped of thats what I think sad realy they should bring the prices down if anyone knows were to get realy cheap coins in the uk i would appreciate if u can let us know so I can keep stacking otherwise its not worth it any more never get your money back you wont even break even so come on uk get dose prices down ..keep on stacking 💯

  5. For me it’s about attitude to quality control. Perth Mint, RAM, Germania and the like have a great quality control dept.
    The royal mint really have no quality control to speak of whatsoever and a complete disregard for their coins and customers! Such a crying shame some of their stuff occasionally is worth buying!

  6. Opened a sealed tube of 2020 britannias to put them in capsules. Here in spain we have special capsules called ultra intercept that prevent tarnishing. Out of 25 britannias 10 had some damage, scratches milk spots and some kind of baked in dots of another metal. Horrible mint. I have a 1993 kilo kookaburra with zero milk spots and seems like brand new. Perth mint is the best no doubt. The have an amazing quality control.

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