Which Silver Bullion Investment Product is the Best?

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There are many different options, brands, and sizes of silver bullion products available…But which one is the best?

31 thoughts on “Which Silver Bullion Investment Product is the Best?”

  1. If you are investing in Silver bullion, Generic bars and rounds are best, if they are easily recognized in your area. Silver coins need to be judged if they may become desirable collector items as well as bullion. I prefer Generic rounds, Sunshine bars and for 100 oz. bars Canadian Mint bars. Just my preference. I want to pay as little premium as possible. I prefer dealing with my LCS’s. I always ask the dealer what is the lowest premium he has for sale. Sometimes there are great bargins on coins, sometimes not.

  2. I think people should have a mix of bars, rounds, maples, and eagles. The reason is sometimes the “premium” to buy these items varies so people shouldn’t be biased and should look for deals. I also like the idea of “stacking” different sizes so if I need to trade or barter later it will be much easier.

    That said, you forgot to mention “junk silver” or “Constitutional” fractional silver coins. These actually are my favorite because they tend to have the lowest premiums and cannot be counterfeited so they are easily liquidated or traded. The downside is storage is more cumbersome than bars or 1 ounce coins in tubes.

  3. It’s a good idea to own several bar sizes and coins and rounds. Personally I would NOT be “liquidating” 1oz bars, coins and rounds on a regular basis, besides there are always buyers for 10-100oz bars outside of your local coin shop who is only going to pay you spot anyhow. I have friends who will buy my silver way over spot closer to what they would have to pay ( including premiums)

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