White House pronounces finish to Covid public well being emergency

The White House has introduced plans to finish the Covid-19 public well being emergency in May because the nation strikes away from treating the virus as a nationwide disaster and as a substitute like a season respiratory illness. NBC News medical fellow Dr. Akshay Syal has the main points. 

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14 thoughts on “White House pronounces finish to Covid public well being emergency”

  1. If Biden can end the public health emergency at any time or can plan to end it on a specific date, and already said months ago that the pandemic is over; what is the point in waiting until May to end the emergency? More money in the mean time… until they decide to extend the emergency for more profit? 🤑

  2. America turned their backs on medical advice, protested about masks, drank sanitizer and use Title 42 to blame Mexicans.
    China locked down cities and have worn masks since the bird flu in the 90s. China’s strict measures led to China’s low death rate.
    Covid deaths = USA 1,132,719 Mexico 332,190 UK 204,171 Canada 50,380 Australia 18,615 China 5,272 New Zealand 3,781.

  3. 1% of 345/350 million U.S. population is about 3.5m million people…
    Yeah I think 3.5 million “extra untimely deaths” in the U.S. due to various reasons ranging from missed cancer screenings, to heart attack from increased stress and lockdown, to untreated illnesses leading to early death, and severe flu etc would be enough for them to move ahead with an engineered plan to reset the failing worldwide monetary system and eliminate a whole bunch of extra unneeded folks along the way 🤔
    That’s about 80,000,000 “extra people” dead worldwide for a couple pandemic fraud years out of the 8 billion earth population…
    160 million “EXTRA” useless-eaters on earth (in their minds) quickly eliminated…??
    Plus all the normal everyday deaths, in the U.S, of about 7,500 per day…
    7500 normal + 9500 extra equal 17000/day in the U.S. alone for the last 2 or 3 years…

  4. Alzheimer’s Poster Boy Biden does not have the power or the education to do this. However what he is doing is screwing America out of any & all Covid benefits the nation did have. Like those free checks this thankless nation received under Trump. Haven’t seen those from anyone else ever.

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